Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watch Your Back

I'm listening to music on my laptop and its on shuffle. The Watch Your Back (Interlude) off the Ma$e Harlem World album comes on. I used to find the exchange between Ma$e and this dude funny and I still do. Mainly because I've been in a similar situation or two or three before where some girl was feeling me and her dude came at me sideways. My thing is if your girl is feeling me, then that's an issue you should be discussing with her and not me.

Ma$e: This Ma$e, what up?
Jealous Boyfriend (JB): Yo Ma$e I'ma make this short and to the point. I'm a fan of yours, you know, my kids like you, they dance to you. You know we like what's goin on wit you. All I'm sayin is don't give my girl your number no more.
Ma$e: What?
JB: Don't give my girl your number no more man
Ma$e: Who your girl B?
JB: Listen man listen. You wild easy to get son, you know what I'm saying. I've been to jail twice man and I'm not scared and I love and I want go back. You understand what I'm saying? So, don't give my girl your number no more man.
Ma$e: Come on B wit all that yo
JB: When the smoke clears man, Puff Daddy and all them niggaz you runnin with man. They ain't gonna be there man and neither will you man. So I'ma close it off like that B you know what I'm sayin.
Ma$e: Whatever B
JB: I'ma leave it like that son
Ma$e: Aight man

So dudes out there, if your girl is interested in another guy there is no point in beefing with said dude. You have two options. 1. Take up the issue with her and then step your game up because you're obviously lacking something. -or- 2. Let her go.


Kurt said...

That interlude is MAD funny! It is a classic! I say go with solution #2...let her go. If she takes said dude's number then she don't wanna be with her current boyfriend! Kick rocks trick!

BLyles said...

Oh man! I haven't heard that in along time...I used to LOVE that interlude...but I thought it said MAD EASY to get at... :P

Tunde said...

Besstina, I think you're right. It is 'Mad Easy' to get at, but you get the point. Murder Ma$e.