Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Art of Kissing

Wikipedia defines it as the act of pressing one's lips against the body of another. Sounds like such a simple definition to such a complicated act. It can mean so many things. A greeting, a good-bye or a term of endearment. There's just something about a kiss and not the type of kiss that you give to your mother. I'm speaking on the sensuality, electricity and lasciviousness that you feel the second your lips make contact with that person.

I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday. I was what you would call a late bloomer. It didn't happen until my senior year of high school and it was everything that I could have hoped for. Since that day I've been infatuated with kissing. I personally think its a lost art form. I have friends who have told me that they think kissing is disgusting (not gonna call you out though). I don't understand the logic behind having sex with a person but not kissing them. I guess it's not for me to understand since I'm not having sex with them.

If I could describe the perfect kiss it would start the second before our lips actually touch. From the anticipation of what is about to occur to the nervousness that happens because my mind is racing. When our lips actually make contact the softer her lips the better. Since I have fuller lips, it don't really matter if her lips are thin or not. I'll spare you the details on the rest.

How do you feel about kissing? Do you consider yourself a good kisser? Does the physical makeup of your partner's mouth contribute to the experience of the kiss? How do you feel about crusty lips while kissing. That last question was out of left field, but it was something I just thought of.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Not A Player, I Just Crush A Lot

Thinking of your crush directly causes a rush in your chest and a noticeable increase in your heartbeat. The tragedy of knowing that your crush might not reciprocate your feelings fills you with despondency and hopelessness. All you can do is fantasize about your crush becoming a part of your life, of linking your experiences with theirs, of assimilating their existence into your mundane world. Having a crush is a euphoric, desperate, compulsive state of being.

I remember my first real crush. It was when I moved and started a different elementary school during the 4th grade. Her name was Dominique. I crushed on her from the fourth grade all the way until the end of middle school. In my eyes she could do no wrong. I remember how I excited I was when she found out she was coming to my 13th birthday party. Maybe it was because she was always nice to me. Or maybe it was her perfectly cut bangs. I don't know but Ahhh the memories.

Once I entered into the brand new world of high school I was besieged by so many pretty girls. It seemed like I had a new crush every week. There were tall girls, there were short girls. There were skinny girls, there were thick girls. It was simply beautiful bliss. There were a few crushes that did stand out though. Two to be exact but I won't put them or myself out there like that. These crushes were my friends first and foremost so I think overall I was most infatuated with their personalities. It didn't hurt that I found them absolutely beautiful. We are actually still good friends to this day.

After I left high school I thought I was over crushes. I didn't have not one in college. After all who has time for that type of innocent behavior in college? College is all about getting it in finding yourself right? After college it was time to grow up and infatuations were one of those things that was childish. I thought I had put it all behind me until my second year of grad school. That's when I first met her. A couple of my friends know whom I speak of. If you look at some of my early blog posts, I believe I actually mentioned her. Too bad she had a boyfriend the entire time she was here. You best believe I let her know what was up though. lol Oh what could have been.

Do I have any crushes now? Sure do. Would they ever know? Probably not. Do you still have crushes? If you do, do/would you let that person know?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


*****Before I get into the dream , I know that you read my blog so I just want to state the that although some names and periods of time have been changed this isn't about you. This isn't about you either. Or you. Just don't want you making assumptions because we know what that leads to. Anyway, I know that YOU read my blog and this IS about you.*****

Characters of My Dream (some names have been changed to protect the not so innocent):

  • Erica- A woman who I "date" on occasion.

  • Kennedy- My line brother.

  • James- Kennedy's friend.

  • Natasha- Another girl whom I am currently dating.

It's a Saturday night and Kennedy and I are hanging out so we decide to go to Outback (or any restaurant that has booths in their bar area) to have drinks. I decide to invite Natasha along to have drinks with us and James just so happened to drop by the crib before we head out so he came along too. While we are having drinks at Outback I notice that Natasha and James are a little too comfortable with each other and that caused me to feel some type of way (I have no idea what this had to do with the overall dream). Either way we are having a good time when I notice that Erica and her "date" walk into the bar area. Being the cool cat that I am I play it easy as Erica and I make eye contact. Erica and her date sit at another booth across from the bar. For some reason Erica keeps looking towards our table and catching eye contact with me.

In this particular bar there is a men's, women's and family bathroom. When Erica gets up to use the bathroom she catches eye contact with me again but this time her date notices. He gets up and follows her into the family bathroom. The entire bar can hear him whooping her ass in the bathroom. Natasha looks at me like aren't you going to do anything. Kennedy and I get up and walk towards the bathroom. Kennedy gets there before I do and as Erica's date walks out he punches him and drops him with one punch. As dude lay bleeding on the ground Kennedy hits him a couple more times. Some random dudes at the bar hold Erica's date down on the ground. One of the guys holds his leg up at a 45 degree angle and Kennedy takes a running start, jumps in the air and lands right on dude's knee.

In my dream I could vividly remember hear the bones in dude's leg breaking. I cringed so hard in my sleep that I woke up. I was 3:46 in the morning and I had a hard time going back to sleep. I thought when I woke up in the morning I would forget the dream, but even as I'm writing this I can picture Kennedy literally breaking dude's leg in two. *shudder*


I have no interest in looking up interpretations for this dream. Just wanted to share.