Friday, January 9, 2009


So today the Cancer Biology department at my school had our yearly holiday potluck (don't ask me why we decide to do it 3 weeks late). I like potlucks but at the same time I hate them. I got harassed by our departmental secretary about what I was going to bring. At first I wasn't going to participate but then I decided to bring in some BBQ chicken that I bought from Kroger. Now in our department only about 20 people brought in a dish but currently about 70 people are grubbing on food that they didn't participate in (mostly medical students). I would feel kind of bad about eating food at a potluck when I didn't bring any food. Either way most of food was good and I ended up eating a lot so I'm stuffed.

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Coco Butter said...

potlucks rock! you just don't like your departmental secretary..LOL!!!
yummm to food :)