Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tai Slumz

If you are a fan of rap/hip-hop, you need to check out the next best rapper out of the District. Tabi Bonney and Wale laid the groundwork for rappers in D.C., but Tai Slumz is definetly going to put the DMV on the map. Oh did I mentoin that he's my brother. LOL. Shout out to Slizzy Slumz and Career Crookz Entertainment. Check out his work >here<.

1 comment:

Tai Slumz said...

yes, yes , yall better know it!!!

its Tai Slumz aka Slizzy Slumz aka S-500 aka Slumlord Slizzy Crackhouse landlord the Next Best Thing!!!!

Get familiar with the movement