Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year, new blog entry

Its been a while since I posted a blog entry (about 7 months), so I'm gonna start trying to post more regularly.

I'm gonna make this blog public again. Since I'm making it public again, I had to go through and delete like 10 entries (as they were too personal). Lets see what I want to post about.

1. This year I have no New Year's resolutions for 2009. I did a poor job of keeping them last year and the year before. SMH.

2. I had a great time while I was home for the break. I got a chance to spend time with friends from high school and college. Hung out with my line brothers and the good 2nd D bruhs. I hung out with my nephews and got beat down in Wii sports. lol. I also spent time with my family.

3. Speaking of family, I have real issues with one of my brothers. I think I'm cool on him until he changes a lot of things in his life. But he has to want to change for himself though.

4. I am proclaiming that 2010 will not see me in Nashville. lol. I have every intention on moving back home after I defend my thesis.

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