Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Its been storming since last night. This shit is getting on my nerves. I'm a semi-light sleeper and that thunder didn't help my cause of getting a good nights rest. Now I'm tired and I just want to sleep. I don't even want to go outside because its still raining. This shit is for the birds.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doctoral Candidate

This past Friday I completed my Candidacy exam and I am now a doctoral candidate. I did a really good job on my presentation as well as fielding the questions that I received.

I was really nervous at the start of my presentation. My hands were shaking. I really don't know why I was that nervous. So I got through the presentation really well. So I was most worried about the type of questions that I was going to receive. I got asked questions that I had no problem answering. I even went to the white board and made a diagram of what I think is happening in my cell line.

It was a packed room. Not one seat available. Didn't think that many people were gonna come out. Even NM came out. I've had a crush on her since my second year here. I think I would have really got at her if she didn't have a boyfriend. But I knew I passed before they told me.

Now the grind can begin to get the hell outta here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Damn it seems like its been a minute since I last blogged.

Well a couple of updates.

1. I take my Phase II Preliminary Exam on March 28th. I need to stop bullshitting and start working on it. I think I will be ok though.

2. I'll be going to San Diego April 12-16. I'm lightweight excited about the trip. I already have my plane ticket booked, hotel room reserved and I have my check to cover the expenses upfront.

3. Basketball season is going well. We finished the season 7-1. It was a 3 way tie for the best record. We had the number one seed in playoffs (due to average margin of victory). We are now in the semifinals which will be played tomorrow. The championship game is Monday.

4. I've come to realize that I am doing bad on all of my New Year's resolutions. I need to do better.

5. I missed my homecoming this year. I felt some type of way about that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So in high school I kinda used to talk this girl named Natasha B. I had the biggest crush on her for the longest time. We talked for a little bit but I guess we worked better as friends. I haven't seen or heard from her since HS graduation.

So out the blue she hits me up on myspace yesterday. Asked how I was doing and whatnot. I actually thought she was married because her name on myspace is Natasha Azra. But apparently that is her stage name. She was in a group called Exhale in high school. Now she is a solo artist living in Atlanta.

She looks so much better than she did in high school. She even picked up a little bit of weight (a good thing). She gave me her number and told her I should hit her up whenever I'm in Atlanta.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This Weekend.

I went to see CL this weekend. We had a great time. I had a lot of fun. I got there like Friday around 8pm. She made me dinner. Steak, potatoes and brocolli. It was pretty good. Afterwards we just laid up and watched tv.

The next morning we stayed in bed till like 1 or so. Then we got up and went to the Tai place to eat lunch. We went to mall for a little bit and then went to the movies. We saw National Treasure 2 and Cloverfield. Both movies were excellent. I really liked Cloverfield mainly because it was different. So afterward we went back to the house and watched tv some more and had sex some more. lololol.

The next morning we stayed in bed till like 11 or so and watched the 1st season of lost and some key episodes of season 2 (she wants me to watch this season with her). The show is actually pretty interesting. Im upset I didn't start watching earlier. So after that we went to get wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the Superbowl. We then watched the Wire.

I got up like at 4am to drive back to Nashville. I'm still tired though.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Invite...

Another girl who goes to Meharry has asked me out on a date. She wants to see a movie tonight. I don't know what it is but its been happening a lot lately. I've been gettting a lot of attention from the opposite sex. CL says its because I have a glow. Maybe so.

Life of a Graduate Student

Sometimes I love being a grad student and sometimes not so much. This post is for one of those things that I hate. I get a monthly stipend to attend grad school. Great right? No. Not so much. I only get like 1700/month. Which sounds great until you realize that you live the life of a regular job working adult. Rent, food, utilities, car note, car insurance, phone, etc. 1700 goes by very quickly considering these factors. On top of that we are not allowed to work. Shit sucks. Anyway i'm done complaining about my financial situation because I realize that it could be a lot worse.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catching up with old flames

So I had a conversation with CL about wondering what happened to old flames and friends who seemed to drop off the face of the earth. After our conversation it got me wondering about two old flames. One is a girl named Mari whom I used to go out with my senior year in high school and she was my prom date. The other is a girl I haven't thought about in a long, long time. Her name is Dominique. She was my first real crush. I went to elementary school and middle school with her and I liked her the whole time. We went to different high schools because she ended up going to a private school.

So I ended up googling both of them. I found out that Mari works for the Enviornmental Protection Agency. So I emailed her to see how she was doing in life since I haven't talked to or seen her since like my freshman year in college. She emailed me back and let me know that she was doing fine. She moved from Oxon Hill to Alexandria and she has a four-year old daughter. It was good to hear from her.

I ended up emailing Dominique on because I couldn't find any other contact info for her. Hopefully she contacts me because I'm really curious to see how she has been doing. I haven't seen her since the 8th grade (circa 1995).

Sunday, January 20, 2008


One thing about CL that I really don't like is that she gets mad at me for things that she does herself. For instance she doesn't like when I'm on the phone with her and people are in the background making noise. Her reasoning is that I could walk away from the noisy area. I agree but she does it herself at times which really irks me. She also doesn't like it when I'm preoccupied and don't pay attention to her while I'm on the phone. Yet whenever she is on the phone and watching tv she doesn't pay attention to things that I say. I know this because I bring up things that I mentoin and she will have no idea what I'm talking about.

Today I am really pissed. Reason being because of this blog. When I first started this blog CL had a link to it so she could read it. I didn't mind but then I asked her one day what her link was and she said I couldn't read it. So me being me I changed the link to my blog because I didn't think it was fair that she gets to read my thoughts and I not get to read hers. So anway she got mad because she found out that I let other people read my blog and not her. Her main reason was that she didn't let anyone read her blog and it wasn't just a slight against me. My reason was that no matter what its not fair if I don't get to read hers and she gets to read mine. She made me feel really bad about it. Told me that I don't take into account things that she tells me.

So today I found that she gave her blog link to someone else a while ago and he's been reading her blogs. She said she didn't remember telling him about the link. This really made me mad. She made it seem like the only reason she created a blog on blogger is because she didn't want anyone reading her thoughts. And now I found out that that wasn't true. Shit pisses me off. She really made me feel bad about giving my link to other people and not her. SMH.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

At the Gym Yesterday

First let me say i'm gonna cancel my YMCA membership at the end of the month. My reason???? Well one of my friends got her locker broken into yesterday and her car and house keys were stolen along with her debit card and braclet. To make matters worse on Sunday eight lockers were cut and broken into. I don't understand how someone can do that without someone seeing them. Also the Meharry gym is now open so I can use their facilities for free. I don't see the point in paying for something that I can have for free.

So yesterday I went to lift and shoot around for a little bit. I had fun. As I was leaving I saw one of the bruhs that I'm cool with. I talked to him for a little bit. Catching up since I haven't seen him since before the holiday. As we were talking I noticed one of the girls that is in my program on one of the bikes.

After I finished talking to him I stopped to tell her to be careful with her stuff and the breakins. As I was walking away she called me back and asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said "No". She said she thought that I was a really nice and she thought I was attractive. She then asked me out to dinner. I told her that I was flattered but I'm not trying to date anyone right now. The fact that she told me that threw me for a loop because I never thought she would ever be attracted to me. Oh well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You've got to be kidding me...

So this is my third blog entry today. So as you might have guessed i'm bored in the lab. So anyway the other day I get a text that goes something like: "Its my birthday and I really want to feel you inside of me."

First of all, you and I don't have that type of relationship. Second, if I don't fuck with you like that why would you send that type of text message. Anyway that text didn't require a response on my part. I just wonder sometimes where some people's minds are.

Had I been a fucked up dude, I would have just had sex with her and not fucked with her anymore.

My weekend.

So this past weekend I had so much fun. I went out Saturday to this spot called the Place. DJ Drama and the Kappas were having a party. We got there around 10 and the line was around the building. Since it was cold outside we decided to do VIP. They tried to charge us $50 a person. I was like yeah right and luckily I knew one of the Kappas at the door and my man who promotes parties in Nashville. We only had to pay $40 for 3 of us. I had a bunch of fun. I also found out that I would get approached by a lot more females if I wasn't so cocky. I don't think and never thought that I was cocky but that's food for thought I guess.

Saturday the Deltas had their founder's day celebration at the Place. I had a bunch of fun. Saw a lot people that I knew. A lot of bruhs that I haven't seen in a minute. We partied and drank. When Atomic Dog came on I set owt a bunch of hops. I realized that I might not be in shape like I thought I was because I was really out of breath. After the club one of my homeboys got into an altercation with this Kappa who basically overstepped his boundaries. But besides that I had a great time

Sunday I didn't get up until noon. I then watched football over my boy Kurt's house. It was a good day for upsets. San Diego beat Indianapolis and New York beat Dallas. After that we watched the Sarah Conner Chronicles, which I thought was really good (all i need is another tv show to add to my list lol).

Getting My Game Together

Every spring semester I play in 4-5 different basketball leagues (i'm basically playing everyday of the week except Sunday). So the first league (Meharry) starts on Jan. 28th and Meharry just opened their new gym last week. Last week I played ball everyday M-F. I haven't done that since I was in high school and my body felt like it.

Either way my game is getting better and better. My jumpshot is starting to get more consistent and my hops are getting more ridiculous (I know what your thinking but its possible). I dunked on my homeboy crazy last week. Thing is he has hops too, but in the air up used my off hand to shield him then I hurt his feelings. Also yesterday on the break I hit this dude with an in and out that made him do a 360. Before he knew what happened I was reversing on his man.

I can't wait till we start playing. I'm going to have a have someone record my games, so I can have visual evidence. lol.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Love

It opens the petals
The dew it does drink
as into your eyes
my soul starts to sink.

My stomach aflutter
with butterfly wings
Emotions and thoughts
And other things.

Our love is new
And bright as a star
God must really love me
To bring me to you

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back in the Ville

I flew back to Nashville this morning early (6:30am). I've never seen so many people in the airport. I got there around 5:20 and still almost missed the required 30 minutes I needed to check my bags.

Either way. The second half of my trip home was not as good as my first half. First someone busted out every window to my brother's Tahoe. It cost him close to $600 to get his car fixed. Then 3 days later he got into an argument with his baby's mom over their daughter. She ended up calling the cops. Come to find out he had a warrant out over not showing up to traffic court. They didn't give him a bond. So he's been in jail for about a week now and there's no telling when he's going to get out. I don't understand how they won't let him out on bond over traffic shit. They are acting like he killed someone.

Next last Friday someone stole my other brother's car from in front of my mom's house. They busted out the passenger side window and jammed a screwdriver in the ingnition. His car was recovered two days later. He had to pay $250 to get his car out of the impound. I don't get the fact that he had to pay to get his car back after it was stolen. So apparently the people who stole his car used it to go on a robbing spree. How did my brother know. All the shit (credit cards, IDs, purses, wallets, a subwoofer) was still in the car. You would think that the police would have taken that stuff out as evidence, but thats PG County Police for you. So he has to pay another $450 to get his window and ignition fixed.

So the second half of my trip sucked but this is 08 and time to wipe my slate clean and focus on making this a great year for myself as well as my loved ones.