Monday, January 5, 2009

Daddy's Girl

So I have crushes on both Angela and Vanessa Simmons (Vanessa more so than Angela). I think Angela looks too much like her father. They have a television show entitled Daddy's Girls that premieres today on MTV at 10:30pm EST. I probably won't be interested in the actual content of the show, but it won't hurt to watch so I can look at them.

Here is a summary of the show.

Angela & Vanessa both left to east coast to run Pastry full time in Los Angeles - with the help of their cousin Jessica and loyal friend Alycia. Jessica’s new role on the MTV Series is to help keep both Angela & Vanessa grounded in spite of their high profiled hip-hop royalty status, while friend Alycia - a beautiful aspiring singer who lives on a limited budget tries to keep up with the Simmons sisters.

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