Monday, August 31, 2009


**Disclaimer. I really need to stop leaving the tv on while I take naps. It really doesn't help me not to have weird dreams. I fell asleep watching the Little League World Series (Congrats to California for winning it all by beating China).**

So I had a dream that I was a really successful black basketball player Major league pitcher (No Dontrell Willis). I was on the mound and it was a pretty good game but I really couldn't remember the score but it was a close ball game. Anyway my go to pitch was a nasty slider. I threw it 4 straight times and the umpire called 4 straight balls even though I felt I caught the outside corner every time. As the batter was taking first base he taunted me.

His next time up to bat I beaned him on purpose. He rushed the mound and of course both benches cleared and started to brawl. It was madness. Someone picked up the bat and was knocking dudes out left and right. I ran up while his back was turned and round house kicked him in the back of the head.

All of a sudden I'm on a basketball court playing basketball. It was like I woke up from a dream but I was still sleeping. Madness.


Baseball- To dream that you are playing baseball, denotes your need to set goals and achieve them. It is time to stop goofing around and set your sights for the long term. Consider the significance of the position you are playing. Alternatively, playing baseball may be analogous to sexual foreplay as in getting to first, second, or third base on a date. The game of baseball has sexual innuendos, where the masculine aspects is depicted by the bat and the feminine aspects is depicted in the form of the ball or the ballpark.

Fighting- To dream that you are in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Death of Skinny Jeans

I remember when I first noticed this phenomenon. It was the summer of 2008. My brother had just picked me up from BWI airport and I was hungry so we stopped by the McDonald's on Riverdale Road. When I walked in I noticed a group of wayward looking youths hanging out inside the McDonald's. I noticed that they all were dressed alike. At first I thought they were all fun boys gay because they had on really tight jeans. I pointed this out to my brother and he said that it was something the youths in the area were doing. All I could do was shake my head and go about my business.

This phenomenon has caught fire and it has now been deemed acceptable for males to rock jeans that are as tight as a woman would wear. Not only are their jeans tight but they sag their jeans. In my opinion this just looks really stupid and uncomfortable. Growing up guys always sagged their jeans (not me because Ma Dukes wasn't having it) but this is just unacceptable. This trend has been headlined by the talentless rap group The New Boyz. Even grown men are doing it. It just boggles the mind. I'm sorry but my nuts need room to breathe without my jeans restricting them against leg.

Please if you are a grown Black man please let this fad go. Its not very becoming. Lets leave it to our Caucasian counterparts. Lets show the younger generation that its ok to wear clothes that actually fit. If not for anything else listen to Steve's take on skinny jeans:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Tunde (Vol 1)

Who is wrong in this situation?

This is a good way to start off my next 100 posts. Today while talking to a classmate via Facebook Chat, she asked me if I take blog topic suggestions/advice. I never really considered but I guess there is a time for anything so here goes. This post is about a "friend of a friend".


Also she will be reading this post as well as the comments so please leave comments, if not for my benefit then for hers. Comments would especially be appreciated from guys that are in fraternities.


(Year is 2007)

Kim and her boyfriend of two years, Derrick, mutually decide to call it quits right before graduation. Even though they had a good run at Tennessee State University (TSU), Kim found a really good job at the Department of Agriculture in D.C. and Derrick is staying in Nashville to work for Saturn. Kim was Miss TSU and Derrick was very popular on campus (being a Kappa didn't hurt either). They keep in contact over the years but they never really re-kindled anything even though there were residual feelings on both parts.

(Fast forward to 2009)

While out at Shadow Bar in DC, Kim runs into a guy that looks really familiar but she can't really place his face. After a few minutes of conversation she realizes that he went to undergrad with her. His name is Jeremy and he moved to DC after graduation to work for Lockheed Martin. They have a good time that night chopping it up and talking about the undergrad days. They exchange numbers and later on that night it dawns on Kim that Jeremy is a Kappa and she thinks he might even be Derrick's line brother. She asks Jeremy about it and her thoughts are confirmed. She tells Jeremy that she used to date Derrick and Jeremy says that he knows and it really shouldn't matter since it was so long ago. Jeremy and Kim continue to date for a couple of months.

Somehow word gets back to Derrick in Nashville and he calls Kim to confront her. Kim's response to Derrick is "Why should you care if we aren't together anymore?". Derrick feels like Kim and Jeremy went behind his back without consulting him about them dating and if they both liked each other then they BOTH should have come to him for clearance.


So here go the questions.

-Does Derrick have the right to ask for clearance from both Kim and Jeremy? or either one of them?
-Should Kim feel like she's a chapter set-out?
-Should any of this mater since it was so long ago (and Kim and Jeremy live far away)?
-Did Jeremy betray Derrick's friendship?
-(those frat dudes reading this) What would you do if you were in Jeremy's situation? In Derrick's?
-(ladies) Would you ever date two dudes from the same chapter regardless of the circumstances?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Thoughts 8/12/09

**This is my 100th post. I appreciate everyone who follows and reads my blog (whether you comment or not). [Lifts glass of vodka/lemonade to the air] Here's to another 100 posts. Thanks for coming by my corner of the Internet.**

Random Thoughts:

Today is my line brother's birthday (deuce dawg). I need to call him. Speaking of birthdays, I'm going to be home for my birthday (9/30) for the first time since 2003. I'm trying to do it big. I'll leave all the planning to my brother. My brother's album should be dropping sometime in November. He's a stupid fresh dope rapper. I'm really feeling this Scrappy & Ludacris song 'Patna Dem rmx'. My chest feels a lot better after being elbowed in the sternum on Monday. I feel like my injuries heal faster than the average human. I be on some Wolverine type shit or at least Claire Bennett. The new season of Heroes comes on September 21st, 9/8c. I will be tuned in. I can't wait for the fall season of television shows to start. Until then one show that holding me down during the summer is Dark Blue on TNT. Y'all should check it out.

Monday, August 10, 2009


After having a conversation on twitter (which I'm partly addicted to. Click here to follow me), I decided that my next post was going to be about Addictions (No Ryan Leslie).

Addiction is being abnormally tolerant and dependent on something that is physically or physiologically habit forming or an abnormally strong craving. With that said based on the second definition I believe that I am pseudo-addicted to a couple of things (some old and some new).

Lets start with the old:

Basketball/Working out

I love working out and hooping. Anyone close to me knows that I have major hoop dreams. I don't plan on trying to make it to the NBA but basketball is like therapy for me. I get to exercise and forget about all my problems while hooping. I hoop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (at the very least) at 5:30am (no matter what time I go to bed) before I head to school and I run at least 4 miles.


With all that working out, I need something that is bad for me. I hate jacks so that's not an option so alcohol it is. I am a vodka connoisseur. I've stated in my previous posts that my favorite vodka is Stolichnaya. I'm also partial to Kettle One, Ciroc, Absolut and I guess if that's all that's left Grey Goose.

Now on to the new:


Last week I was drafted and signed a two-year contract extension by team Blackberry (no signing bonus). I never really understood why people called their phone a crackberry. I mean I thought it was just a phone. I used to be on my Instinct a lot but I didn't think I was addicted to it. Since I've had it I've fallen in love with it barely put it down. It's my new best friend.


I got my 2nd tattoo this past weekend and I never really thought that tats would be something I would be into like that. I already have 4 brands but I never really felt to need to want to get one (seriously, they just kind of happened). I've had this new tat for 3 days now and I already want another one. I'm not going to go crazy or anything with the tats (read: Lil Wayne) but I think I do want 1 or 2 more.


So readers/followers, what are some things that you are addicted to. Remember the first step is admitting that you have a problem (otherwise known as the Step of Freedom).

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Black Woman's Smile

I was on facebook just now and I came across a video that one of the bruhs posted. At first I scrolled past but then the caption caught my eye.

this something that fellas need to hear and ladies. Maybe now we can stop letting this TV raise us.

Not that I already didn't appreciate black women but it's nice to be reminded every once in a while about the greatness that is the black woman. To my female readers I want you to know that someone out there appreciates you and you have plenty of reasons to smile. To my male readers, what have you done today to make a black woman smile?