Monday, October 26, 2009


I was listening to my iPod last night and this song came on my shuffle. I thought to myself that the premise of this song is really some hater sh*t (worse than the premise of 'I Luv Your Girl'). The title goes perfectly with the song.

We've all been there before whether you want to admit it or not. You meet her/him and there's an instant attraction to the point where you want to get to know this person better. That is until they drop the bomb on you and they tell you that they are involved. At this point I most people would cut their losses and keep it moving. But what if you don't want to give up that easily? I mean they are giving you time and opportunity for a reason right? Why should I (speaking in generalities) care about who she/he has at home? I don't owe them a damn thing.

What if you actually know of their significant other but you're still not cool with them like that? Do you still give them the respect of not trying to scoop their man/woman like a Marion Barber fumble? I've actually come across this situation twice in my adult life. And like the Dream said: "...the cool n***a in me was like don't do it but the other n***a was like man f**k that n***a." In both of these situations I took the other n***a approach. This line of thought got me what I wanted only half the time and even in that situation it was years later after they broke up. The other situation I feel could have been something great were it not for the wrong time/place.

I had to ask myself in the end was it worth it to hate on the next man because he had what I wanted. Have you ever hated on the next person? Do you believe in karma and someone might try to jedi mind trick your significant other into believing the grass is indeed greener on the other side?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last night I went to sleep particularly early for a Saturday night (before 2am). I had just came back from going to a haunted house (maybe this has a lot to do with the nature of my dream). So in my dream I had I was sleep in my bed and someone was banging on my front door. In my dream I woke up and I looked at my alarm clock and it was 3:26am. As I was going to see who was at the door I heard someone kick in my back door. At this point my heat turned on and since my house is older it has a lot of creaks and cracks. I awoke in real life thinking someone actually was trying to break in my house.

It took me about 10 minutes to fall back to sleep. It seemed as soon as fell asleep I had the same dream with the same result. This happened 3 times. The last time I fell asleep I had a dream that I heard someone near my bedroom window. These individuals in question lit my house on fire. At this point in my dream I was looking at myself sleeping and I was telling myself to get up and get out of the house but for some reason I couldn't get up.

When I finally awoke in real life my heart was pounding out of control and I tried to move but for some reason I couldn't move my arms or legs. I really can't say how long this feeling lasted but when I finally looked at the clock it was after 3:30. I didn't fall back asleep till after 5 at which point I don't remember what I dreamed about.


Sleep paralysis consists of a period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset (called hypnogogic or predormital form) or upon awakening (called hypnopompic or postdormtal form).Our bodies protect us from acting out our dreams by paralyzing us. Sometimes, the paralysis lingers after you wake up.


Burglary- is an untrustworthy individual; ulterior motives; someone who will end up taking something.

Arson- stands for willful destruction done in a person's life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


One of the greatest heroes

This past Saturday I had a dream that I was at an amusement park in Nashville (no such thing exists in real life) and I was having a great time with my friends. I haven't been to an amusement park since maybe 2002. All of a sudden I see a bunch of people running and I hear security on the loud speaker telling everyone to exit the park in a calm and orderly manner. This only made people run towards the exit fast and more disorderly.

Nashville Skyline

As I looked towards the Nashville skyline I saw missiles being fired at the batman building. It was crazy because I couldn't exactly tell in what direction the missiles came from. All I know was that Nashville was under attack. Next thing I know there was a massive earthquake. The ground literally cracked open and a giant tripod (re: War of the Worlds) came out the ground and started killing people. As we all ran for our lives I saw missiles being fired at the tripod. I thought that it was entirely too fast for the military to get there. As I looked behind me I saw Optimus Prime firing missiles towards the tripod. Next thing I know its like 6 tripods fighting Optimus. He ended up killing all of them and saving the day.

Evil tripod
I know for a fact that I watch too much tv and way too many movies. Sad part is I don't plan on cutting back anytime soon.


~Amusement Park- To see or be in an amusement park in your dream, indicates you need to set some time for leisure and more enjoyment in your life. Consider how everything in the park is an expression of some aspect of yourself. Alternatively, you may be too easily distracted lately.

~Robot- To see a robot in your dream, indicates that you are going about life in a mechanical and rigid way. You have lost the ability to express your feelings. Alternatively, a robot may symbolize the way you view your working life.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm African, What Are You?

Downtown Lagos. Not a hut in sight.

African American is a term used to show racial origins. The term itself is not racial or even political, but cultural since 'African American' is a cultural group. Even though the term is cultural I still feel that it is used to divide people of color. Growing up it was deemed such a negative thing to be associated with Africa. There were so many stereotypes about Africa. Types of questions I would get asked were “do you walk around naked in Africa?” Another person asked me “do you live in huts at Africa?” Whenever people asked me these questions, it really used to bother me. I used to actually be ashamed of my heritage because I was young and didn't know any better. Now I love the fact that I am African.

Most people don't know what the life in Africa looks like because they got these stereotypes from movies and internet sources. My family is from Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. Lagos is one of the biggest and busiest places in Africa. It is filled with airports, hotels, restaurants, and some industries. Countries outside Africa even have business and vacation sectors in Lagos. The official language of Nigeria is British English along with traditional languages. Nigeria has more than 200 tribes. Nigeria is not the only advanced country in Africa; there are countries like South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Togo and other countries that are advancing.

Personally I feel if no matter what country you are from, if you are a person of color then you are African. If you are Dominican, guess what? Your people got to that island from somewhere. If you are a black French, you definitely are African. My friend Azza, sent me this video the other day. It's refreshing to see someone try to unify black people, from all over the globe. I think there is too much separation as it is.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Month [recap]

**I know it's been a while since I blogged but I was home living life and getting it in. Can you blame me (don't want to hear anything Ms. Minx)? Anyway, I'm back. I know you missed me.**

First I want to thank all my friends who helped me have a good time. My Nashville friends, my DC/MD friends, family. Big shout outs to my brother, Tai, for quarterbacking my birthday party and looking out my birthday week to make sure I had a great time.

So I flew home the actual day of my birthday party, which also happened to be the same day as my 10 year high school reunion mixer (yes I'm that old). It all worked out because we had our mixer at Indulj on U street and my party was at Republic which was on the same street about four blocks down. It rained heavily the whole day, but I wasn't about to let that ruin my good time.

High School Reunion Mixer

The homie Arneisa

The homie Nancy. Known her forever

I had a good time. I saw some friends that I've always kept in contact with (read: Club2300) and people that I haven't seen since graduation. I even saw people I forgot I went to high school with. All in all I had a good time. Some people looked really good, better than they did in high school. I guess age can do that to you. Some people looked the opposite and looked kinda bad. I guess they hit their peek in their late teens.

My Birthday Party

My bday flyer
Tai pouring drinks at the table
The reunion mixer was from 7-11 and my party was 10-until. So naturally I got to my party around 12. The four block walk seemed like 10 because of the rain but a lot of people did end up leaving the reunion and making the walk. I had a pretty good time and the turn out was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be because of all the rain. I'm glad my dad didn't show up like he said he was lol. My brother asked me what type of liquor I wanted for my table. I told him champagne, vodka and patron was cool but absolutely no Nuvo (if you don't know how I feel about Nuvo click here). It was good times had by all. They even played Atomic Dog and made me set owt a hop. I think I had too much Stoli because I obliged.


The Six and Deuce
The Four and Tre

This past Saturday my line brother got married. 6 out the 7 off the line were in attendance. That many of us haven't been together since 2003. It was really good seeing my line brothers. The wedding was fun and he got married to another one of my good friends. Once again alcohol took over and when Atomic Dog came on, my four and I set it owt. Then came the Bmore Club music. That might have been the highlight of the reception. My tre is known for his footwork on the dance floor and he didn't disappoint. I had a good time at the wedding.

Overall I had a great 10 days at home celebrating my birthday and spending time with family and friends.