Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Aspirations

So yesterday while I was at that cupcake place, it reminded me of what I really would like to do in life. I mean not what would make me the most money or the most prestige, but what I would really enjoy doing. Eventually after I retire (or before) I would like to open my own business. One of my favorite things is sports (basketball in particular), so naturally I want to open a sports bar. I don't want to open up just any sports bar. I want to own a high end, up scale sports bar. There is this sports bar in Atlanta near the World Congress Center called Stats. I really want to open up similar to this. I guess until then I'll be working on this science/law thing.

I ask myself all the time why am I trying to get the degree that I'm currently pursuing. I mean out of all the subjects in high school, science was always one of my weakest subjects. I always excelled in math, English and history. But really what could I do with a math or history degree besides being a math or history teacher. I've always liked science but it was never something that came as easy as other subjects. I'm good at it now because I've worked hard at it but sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I chose a different major and picked a different career path. I guess none of that will matter once I start to live my dream and open up my bar. Hell I might start working on that if/when I go to law school. *God willing*

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Slim Jackson said...

I think quite often about the classes I took in hs and my major in college. I wish I had picked up a minor in computer science or management information systems. I was awful at math and science, which could have that a bit difficult. Now I just work in a commission based job that seems to be going no where quickly. Sheeit.