Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This dream that I had on Sunday night was very disturbing.

I was home and I was hanging out with two of my brothers (the twins) and one of their friends. Anyone that knows my brothers knows that they hang with hoodlums keep questionable company. So in my dream we are leaving the carryout and like 4 cops roll up (with guns drawn) on us and tell us put our hands in the air.

My brother's friend proceeds to pull a gun out his waistband. Needless, the say the cops let a few rounds loose and put dude down. My brother, Kehinde, was very upset at seeing his friend murdered. He then proceeded to pick up dude's gun and points it at the cops then they shot him twice in the chest, killing him. The dream felt so real. As they were taking him away on a stretcher (with a blanket over him), my mom shows up at the scene hysterical and she rips the sheet of him and the sight of seeing my brother's dead body woke me up out my sleep.


I looked up police, brother and death in my dream book.

Police-Comes in dreams as an advisement to self analyze one's actions and for needed introspection. Can often be associated with one's higher self (self-policing).

Brother-Characterizes a close male associate in life; a male who is a close friend.

Death-Stands for termination; finality. May not specifically point to a physical death.


Mz Mami said...

That's crazy... So have you related this to anything going on in your life??

Tunde said...

I really haven't. I'm afraid of what I might come up with. lol