Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doctoral Candidate

This past Friday I completed my Candidacy exam and I am now a doctoral candidate. I did a really good job on my presentation as well as fielding the questions that I received.

I was really nervous at the start of my presentation. My hands were shaking. I really don't know why I was that nervous. So I got through the presentation really well. So I was most worried about the type of questions that I was going to receive. I got asked questions that I had no problem answering. I even went to the white board and made a diagram of what I think is happening in my cell line.

It was a packed room. Not one seat available. Didn't think that many people were gonna come out. Even NM came out. I've had a crush on her since my second year here. I think I would have really got at her if she didn't have a boyfriend. But I knew I passed before they told me.

Now the grind can begin to get the hell outta here.


Don said...

Take her from her boyfriend. Just because she has someone...doesn't means she happy. You know.

ANGELINA said...

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Don's comment is what's wrong with the