Sunday, January 20, 2008


One thing about CL that I really don't like is that she gets mad at me for things that she does herself. For instance she doesn't like when I'm on the phone with her and people are in the background making noise. Her reasoning is that I could walk away from the noisy area. I agree but she does it herself at times which really irks me. She also doesn't like it when I'm preoccupied and don't pay attention to her while I'm on the phone. Yet whenever she is on the phone and watching tv she doesn't pay attention to things that I say. I know this because I bring up things that I mentoin and she will have no idea what I'm talking about.

Today I am really pissed. Reason being because of this blog. When I first started this blog CL had a link to it so she could read it. I didn't mind but then I asked her one day what her link was and she said I couldn't read it. So me being me I changed the link to my blog because I didn't think it was fair that she gets to read my thoughts and I not get to read hers. So anway she got mad because she found out that I let other people read my blog and not her. Her main reason was that she didn't let anyone read her blog and it wasn't just a slight against me. My reason was that no matter what its not fair if I don't get to read hers and she gets to read mine. She made me feel really bad about it. Told me that I don't take into account things that she tells me.

So today I found that she gave her blog link to someone else a while ago and he's been reading her blogs. She said she didn't remember telling him about the link. This really made me mad. She made it seem like the only reason she created a blog on blogger is because she didn't want anyone reading her thoughts. And now I found out that that wasn't true. Shit pisses me off. She really made me feel bad about giving my link to other people and not her. SMH.

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