Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My weekend.

So this past weekend I had so much fun. I went out Saturday to this spot called the Place. DJ Drama and the Kappas were having a party. We got there around 10 and the line was around the building. Since it was cold outside we decided to do VIP. They tried to charge us $50 a person. I was like yeah right and luckily I knew one of the Kappas at the door and my man who promotes parties in Nashville. We only had to pay $40 for 3 of us. I had a bunch of fun. I also found out that I would get approached by a lot more females if I wasn't so cocky. I don't think and never thought that I was cocky but that's food for thought I guess.

Saturday the Deltas had their founder's day celebration at the Place. I had a bunch of fun. Saw a lot people that I knew. A lot of bruhs that I haven't seen in a minute. We partied and drank. When Atomic Dog came on I set owt a bunch of hops. I realized that I might not be in shape like I thought I was because I was really out of breath. After the club one of my homeboys got into an altercation with this Kappa who basically overstepped his boundaries. But besides that I had a great time

Sunday I didn't get up until noon. I then watched football over my boy Kurt's house. It was a good day for upsets. San Diego beat Indianapolis and New York beat Dallas. After that we watched the Sarah Conner Chronicles, which I thought was really good (all i need is another tv show to add to my list lol).

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