Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This Weekend.

I went to see CL this weekend. We had a great time. I had a lot of fun. I got there like Friday around 8pm. She made me dinner. Steak, potatoes and brocolli. It was pretty good. Afterwards we just laid up and watched tv.

The next morning we stayed in bed till like 1 or so. Then we got up and went to the Tai place to eat lunch. We went to mall for a little bit and then went to the movies. We saw National Treasure 2 and Cloverfield. Both movies were excellent. I really liked Cloverfield mainly because it was different. So afterward we went back to the house and watched tv some more and had sex some more. lololol.

The next morning we stayed in bed till like 11 or so and watched the 1st season of lost and some key episodes of season 2 (she wants me to watch this season with her). The show is actually pretty interesting. Im upset I didn't start watching earlier. So after that we went to get wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the Superbowl. We then watched the Wire.

I got up like at 4am to drive back to Nashville. I'm still tired though.

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