Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My mini-vacation

So I went to the American Society for Hematology National Conference from December 7-11th in Atlanta. My research focuses on prostate cancer but my grants are funded through the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, so I have to attend. Also, this conference is geared towards physicians and not basic research scientists. So in the end I basically end up doing nothing for 5 days, with money to blow.

So I'm in Atlanta with money to blow and time to spend it. So my conference goes like this:

Drinks at the Ritz Carlton~free thanks to M.D.
4Play Fridays at NOIR

Brunch at Outback
Intro Dinner at Conference
Drinks at Stats Sports Bar
Clubbing at Verve
Gladys Night Chicken and Waffles

Lunch at Fox Sports Bar and Grille
Dinner at Pascuels
Clubbing at Velvet Room

Finally went to the Conference (45min)
Lunch at Just Loafin
Lennox Mall
Monday Night Football
Dinner at Harlem Bar

Back to Nashville.

My assessment of Atlanta.
~Great city.
~Lots of homosexuals.
~People try to hard to floss. I refuse to believe that everyone is balling like that. Its sad if you drive a $50,000 car but live in an apartment.
~Too much traffic for no apparent reason.
~Everything is really spaced out. You have to drive like 15 minutes to get anywhere.

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