Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mad cuz I'm stylin on you...

So this past weekend me and my homegirl went to this party called Traffic Jam. Its called Traffic Jam because you wear colors based on your status. Red if you're taken or don't want to be bothered. Yellow if you're looking depending on who is asking. Green if you're single and ready to mingle.

So we get there around 10:15 or so. I run into one of my prophytes and we talk for a while. Since he is in the city and I hardly ever see him. So they had $3 L.I.T.s till 11 so of course I was at the bar getting my drink on. Now most times I'm on the dance floor doing my thing. But as of late i've been chilling by the bar observing and getting my drink on. So after a while I got on my usual Stoli on the rocks.

So my homegirl is like don't look now but guess who is sitting across the bar. As I look I see that my ex is sitting there with one of her line sisters. I told her that it was cool. So as I continue chilling and drinking more of my friends come into the club. I say whats up to them and as I get up to walk around and use the restroom I pass by my ex. In an effort to be cordial, I stop and speak then I keep it moving.

So I make my way back to my seat at the bar and order another drink. This woman comes up and stand next to me in an attempt to order a drink. Don't you know how you can tell someone is staring at you, but when you look they look away? Well this happened like two or three times. So finally I said hello. We talked for about 2-3 mintues before she got her drink. Not two mintues after she walks away I get a text from my ex. This text says: "She ain't even that cute!"...My response: "Excuse me?!?!"....Her response: "You had me and I know you can do better."

For the life of me I don't understand why people are so caught up in my life. Especially if they supposedly have their own situations and interests. They just mad cuz I'm stylin on em. LOLOLOL.

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makini said...

haha is that not how it always is? You don't get an opinion anymore on my life! lol