Thursday, April 1, 2010

Product Loyalty

Who wants to buy me a Mac Book Pro?

The other day after I left the lab I went to go grocery shopping make groceries and pick up a few household items. I stopped by Dollar General because they usually have pretty good prices on things such as toilet paper and deodorant. As I perused the aisles, checking items off my list I noticed that they were out of Degree deodorant. They had plenty of Speed Stick and Old Spice on sale, but I only use Degree. It works well for me and I'm loyal to the brand. I ended up going to Kroger and paying twice as much as I would have paid if I bought the Speed Stick or Old Spice. As I thought about that I realized that I'm not only loyal to just Degree. Here are a couple more products which I'm faithful to.

Pepsi. As far as cola drinks go Coca-Cola is the pits to me. Pepsi (Diet Pepsi specifically) tastes so much better to me. I do prefer Sprite (Coca-Cola) to 7-Up (Pepsi) though.

Colgate. Crest doesn't feel like it gets my teeth as clean as Colgate does. My dad uses Aim. He might as well use whip cream to brush his teeth.

Nike. Have you seen most of the sneakers that Adidas and Reebok make? I wouldn't imagine spending my hard earned money on those monstrosities.

St. Ives lotion. For some reason this brand of lotion works best for my skin (pause just in case).

Simply products. Whether its orange (preferably with pineapple), lemonade or limeade, Simply makes the best juice in the world.

What products can't you do without? Are you a label/product whore?


Reecie said...

I'm also a brand loyalist of sorts. Before Simply juices I only drank Tropicana OJ, only Motts Apple now its all about Simply juices or Ocean Spray for my Cranberry flavors. I only use Colgate toothpaste and only drink Pepsi cola--i agree on the Sprite but Sierra Mist is straight too.

my brand loyalty lies mostly with food/grocery products. I'm too much of a product junkie to have any favorites for other things.

Peyso said...

I hear you on that Degree. I can only use the solid not that gel crap. I hear you on Simply juices too. I only drink Welch's grape juice and use Sensodyne toothpaste.

I love Polo above all other designers

Yinkuslolo said...
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Yinkuslolo said...

Things that I'm loyal to

My palmers Cocoa Butter
My MacBook Pro
My Adidas Sneakers
My Odwalla Manago Tango Smoothie

I can't fuck with Cranberry juice, besides posing with it a function.

Myne Whitman said...

I really don't care about brands but I just tried simply recently and I agree it is great!

Tunde said...

@Reecie: i abhor sierra mist. it tastes so bitter to me.

@Peyso: yeah that gel crap is the worst. whoever thought of that needs to be fired. I've never really been into Polo. It's ok but there are other brands that are better.

"Even when I used to rock Polo I was fancy." ~The Dream (Fancy)

@Yinkuslolo: So what's up with my Mac Book Pro?

@Myne: Which type of Simply did you try?

N.I.A. naturally... said...

I hate Pepsi! My entire family are loyal Coca-Cola drinkers. I don't drink soda much anymore, but when I do, it's Coke Zero or diet Dr. Pepper. I only use Arm&Hammer toothpaste and blue mint Listerine. And, I will never purchase a PC again!

rebecca said...

I agree with the Pepsi and the Colgate! I see you know how to make grocery! Dats wassup! And yes I did mean to say grocery! Lol...

T'arr.a said...

"Colgate. Crest doesn't feel like it gets my teeth as clean as Colgate does. My dad uses Aim. He might as well use whip cream to brush his teeth."

Lmao. I totally agree. I can only use Colgate. My roomie uses Aquafresh and it's more like Aquafunk.
Besides Colgate, my loyalty lies with Dove (face), Olay (bodywash), and Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil with Ginseng (body and hair).


I no longer drink pop, but when I did, I was all about Dr. Pepper, then the diet Dr. Pepper.

Secret, Always & Colgate, & Dr. Bronners comes to mind on the monthly, product whore must haves.

& Grocery stores I whore for are Trader Joes.

Oh & I'm a Vicki's Secret pantywhore...

Miss Sia said...

Apple, Bose, Longchamp, Jet Blue, Banana Republic, Stoli, Uniqlo and Simply Lemonade with Raspberry, Lubriderm and Neutrogena.

Ok I'm done.

Ms. Sylaneous said...

Hello, My names is Veronica and I am Loyal to:
-Lay It On Thick Lotion/Bath(bath an body works...try it)
- Sleep and Sensual Aromatherapy products (bath and body works...try it)
-PULPLESS OJ (simply orange please)
-Victoria's Secrets Bras/undies (in my mind, NOBODY else makes em to fit perfectly...LOL)
-Dove Deoderant
-Always (the pink wrappers)
-Long Island Ice Teas

That will be all for now...
Thanks for your attention!
Over and out! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

a one word answer: yes.
in so many cases, there is just no reason to go no-name brand

for examples

ketchup (heinz), mayo (hellmans), pb (kraft), dinner (

anything that is going in and on your body should be of only have one body!

to a lesser extent, electronics:
i am definately a label ho when it comes to my electronic goods. if you are going to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars - you want to know the company stands behind its product, has been around for a while, has a good product guarantee, your friends will know the name of/be jealous of (hey, it's important to some people! lol).

MsღLotus said...

I love Simply..I am loyal to Palmers Coco butter, Secret: gel deodorant. Even though some people complain about gels, I rarely sweat, and after it dries, I'm good to go. I love Jergens best for me.

Nail Polish: If its not Essie, I'm not with it. I will spend $8 on a bottle because it's an investment

She's Savvy said...

I'm definitely loyal to my favorite brands. Ocean Spray Cran-anything, St. Ives lotion, Charmin toilet paper (the red one), Dove soap, Crest toothpaste, Oral-B toothbrushes. I rarely drink soda anymore but I love Pepsi (Wild Cherry) and Schweppes Ginger Ale. There have been many times when I'd go to a store and they'd have the brand but not the specific product and I left empty-handed, it was that serious.

I'm a label whore when it comes to clothing/accessories/beauty products even where I shop. I like Saks not Neimans, Bloomingdale's not Nordstrom, Banana Republic not Gap. Too many to list.