Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I see right through your shenanigans.

This past week Spring was officially bitch-slapped by Summer and told to get to the back of the line. We went from nice temperatures of low to mid 70's to the high 80's. Its been nice enjoying this weather. The bruhs have been cooking out all week (not like that's anything out of the norm) and my friends and I have been on our happy hour patio flow.

The subject I wanted to touch on in this blog post are the articles of clothing some women sport when the temperatures reach a certain level. I understand and appreciate the amount of skin that is revealed. What I'm not a fan of is #hoshit and/or women who wear clothes that are two sizes to small. Neither one is appealing to my eyes or my taste and I would rather you stay out of my line of vision. In my opinion there is a difference between being sensual and suggestive and being trashy and trifling.

Maybe its my fault because I can filter out #hoshit. I understand the reasoning behind some women's logic. "I'm not really that cute in the face so let me wear the lowest cut shirt I can find so I can display my breasts for the world to see. Maybe guys will look past the disappointment that I call my face and be hypnotized by my double D's." or how about "I know I'm a 16 but lets see if I can squeeze into this size 12. Yeah my rolls will be exposed but it makes my ass seem so much bigger. Maybe he won't think about the craters I have in my ass once I take off my clothes." I really can't fault the logic some women use because 75% (underestimating) of dudes will fall for this game hook, line and sinker. This will produce a lot of inflated egos. Which will lead to what I like to call:

a margin of error on the scale

What's does that mean? Well I'm glad you asked. Lets say a woman is around a 5 on the scale. She's not really that cute in the face but she has a fairly decent size ass and she has a C cup. She wears very revealing clothes so she gets hit on all day by random dudes. What she doesn't realize is that 9 out of the 10 dudes who try to holla at her don't even know what color her eyes are. She begins to believe that she is cuter than she is and in her mind she rates herself about an 8. Far be it for me to knock for woman for having confidence but lets be real. If said woman didn't have the body that she flaunts she would not get second looks. Now she is a 5 with an 8's attitude. Then she comes across a guy like me who can see past the gimmick and with her attitude I now think she's a 3.

What do you think of my theory on #hoshit and the increase of it now that its getting hot out? Am I just a pompous asshole? Do you participate in #hoshit?


olivya23 said...

"Maybe guys will look past the disappointment that I call my face.."

I laughed so hard at this. I think it's a self-confidence issue when it comes to this. The woman who exposes her chest because she doesn't think she's cute in the face clearly has confidence and self-acceptance issues. But will this change probably not and depending on how hot this summer is you will see more and more #hoshit.

#hoshit is not acceptable in my way of life. lol

Peyso said...

hit the nail on the head

Ashley said...

let me start with "lol smiley face"that picture is he-fuckin-larious! Most people don't know how to dress period. They don't know how to find clothing to flatter them and depending on where your from your idea of "tight" is relative. I have always made it a point to make sure my cloths fit right and appropriate. Maybe it's b/c i'm a big girl and I feel we have to always bring our "A" game or maybe it's b/c it's in my genes idk! i usually joke with my female friends that i'm going to start having big girl 101 classes! Now your law of numbers....hmmmmm.... most guys idea of the scale is different from women. things that guys would give you points for females wouldn't!like cute shoes and "fiya" shoes r two different creatures, a wrap and then a silky smooth wrap like the commercial r different,I could go on but you get my point (i hope)! Good read PC!

Reina said...


You've given much thought to this. What I don't understand is the friends of these girls allow them to come out the house like that and be seen with them. I'm sorry I will not allow you to embarrass me in public. Do that ish on your own time.

Tunde said...

@olivya23: "The woman who exposes her chest because she doesn't think she's cute in the face clearly has confidence and self-acceptance issues."

-this is where i'm at with it. you know dudes only holla at you because you have your titties on display. obviously you think you NEED that because otherwise you wouldn't get nearly as much play. let's call a spade a spade. lol

@Ashley: i'm pretty sure that men and women's scales differ vastly. being that i'm a man that dates women, we're on the subject of a man's scale. having a fresh heel game can only go so far if you are busted. *shrug*

@Reina: of course i've given this thought. i'm a guy. lol oh and on the subject of friends. most time i see #hoshit its usually not one amongst a flock of respectable looking women. #hoshit usually travels in packs.

Anonymous said...

Cruel, but true.

#hoshit also applies to beautiful women from head to toe wearing #hoshit outfits, don't you think? They may be easier on the eyes, but don't they still leave us to wonder what's up?

Tunde said...

@anonymous: i think that women who wear #hoshit outfits are actually worse. they definitely don't have to do what they're doing. smh. leaving something to the imagination is always sexy in my opinion.

True2me said...

you know I made like 7 blog posts on women showing too much cleavage and wearing too small clothes...I HATE IT...

remember ladies, if you show legs, dont show breasts, if you show breasts, dont show ur ass, balance it out..

whats worse is its always the out of shape ones tryin to be "sexy" by wearin tight aka too small clothes, WTF..IT DOESNT MAKE YOU HOT

N.I.A. naturally... said...

This post is soooo true. It is so warm in Raleigh now, and women are losing their darn minds. Short, tight shorts, low cut tops, short skirts, and all of this is during the day. I won't even talk about the things I've seen at night. lol.

Overexposure is not sexy. There are ways to play up your best features without looking like a streetwalker.

Megan said...

I totally agree with you Tunde. Glad I'm not offended by this post. Maybe I need to wear some revealing clothes so I can get some play!!!! But women (girls) do it all the time at TSU. But men my age flaunt to that...They eat it up and make woman like me not noticeable... Maybe someone like yourself should have a "STOP THAT #HOSHIT" seminar gathering all inappropriately dressed females and give them a day retreat on how to dress, wear makeup, set standards, have self-esteem, and give them coupons to Lane Bryant or New York and Company. Just my thoughts.

Ms.Minx said...

Funny as heck!

Yeah, #hoshit is always at its peak when the sun's out, so expect to see more of it and judge, judge, judge, cuz I know u will I (but discretely. I'm skinny, I'm not trying to get my butt kicked by a rampaging horde, lol). Its not even warm in London (by my standards) and some of these girls done lost their minds, lookin' crazy.

Good read, Tunez. I'm not offended, cuz I have never been the type. Maybe if I had ass & boobs to flaunt...actually, no. Not even then.
Yup, #onmycockyshit

Reecie said...

exactly @ Ms. Minx..."not even then"!

I think I wear clothing that flatters my body, and I can pull of a lot of things some can't but I don't because I do have respect for myself and I just can't bring myself to be trashy. I

also think when you get a certain age you should dress like it. 25+ women shouldn't dress like 18-22 year olds (college students), TO ME. I look younger than I am so I make it a point to have a more polished, adult look especially when going out. All the difference in the world between a girl and a lady. now the #hoshit? that comes in any age bracket but its all sad. I do admit I give young girls a bit of a pass but old hoes? you should know better...

Streetz said...

Death to HOSHIT!!

Good shyt dude

Nick_L_Odeon said...

first of all.. LO frigging loud at that picture.. she looks like "sloppy, with a side of slop" pobrecita..
LOL@ "the disappointment that i call my face"..
i'm mad at her friends that let her come out lookin like that.. you can't roll with me, "NO SAH!" matter of fact, i'm gonna leave you right here.. and when you see me out, act like you don't know me..
now, i live in Florida.. so i think we're pretty well situated on the #hoshit tip.. i'm sure that there are some "oh no, she didn't" moments happening.. but Florida is pretty open to anything..because it's mostly hot ALL DI TIME!! come on, the strippers don't come down here for Memorial Day because South Beach is clean.. they come because they can get away with the plastic shoes and feel right at home..
HOWEVER, there are some "region specific" things happening..
*cue chongalicious..

this is what has run amok in the streets.. and it's NOT what's hot..
also, what's with the chicks wearin shirts like they're dresses?? GTFOH!?! YOU know, and I know you got that ish at Ross.. and it was a t-shirt when you bought it..
i dressed like a tomboy for so long because i didn't want ANYONE lookin at "jill and jane" when my face was up here..
it is a self esteem issue.. and don't think that i don't recognize it..
i don't deal with #hoshit very well.. no, i will not claim you as my friend.. PULL DOWN YA SKIRT... matter of fact, "tuck in yu belly.."

Tunde said...


the friend theory only works if said chick hangs around people who actually know better. given her typical dress code, i doubt that she does.

i never really got the wearing a shirt as a dress either? do you really want guys trying to see up your twat? i mean really. then get mad when guys stare. smh

Nick@nite said...


that IS true about the friend theory.. given how she looks, they probably ALL dress in one sloppy pack..
they want guys to see up their twat.. plain and simple.. but still wanna try and pass themselves off as "humble chicks".. or "classy broads.." i'm sorry sweetie.. your outfit negates your statement..

Anonymous said...

there are so many messages thrown at women since we're five. we're told what we should/shouldn't do/wear/say/etc..

but the sad part is that bad behaviour is reinforced. God and my parents blessed me and i'd be lying if i didn't say they've been been displayed at some point, but that's when i was young and trying to figure shit out. every girl has a wildin out/sexual/self-esteem exploration phase.

the scenario you speak of comes into play when it's a grown ass woman, who still has her whole sense of self wrapped up in how many men holla at her in the streets. i dont call that hoshit, i call it sad and in need of an intervention.

Sunkissed404 said...

Ha...So true. This has got to be the feeling most guys get when the lights come on in the club..and you realize how far the chick next to you went to get attention. What so many "dense" females fail to realize is that you get much more attention covering up and looking classy. Unless they want to attract boys. Men know how to differentiate class from trash. Females who dress like this should make it extremely easy for guys to weed out trash in the crowd.

Tunde said...


ah yes when the lights come on. me and boys say "now the truth comes out" whenever the lights come one. truthfully i don't even stay in clubs long enough anymore to ever find out.

"What so many "dense" females fail to realize is that you get much more attention covering up and looking classy."

-cosign 100%