Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've always like to write. Before I started this blog I used to write short stories and before that I used (and sometimes still do) write poems. I have a book where I keep a lot of the poems that I've written in the past. I think that twitter is mostly to blame for my lack of writing sometimes. I thought that I would flip through my book, randomly stop on a page and share one with you.

Give me strength to speak my mind
What I have felt for so long
Yes...the rumors are true
I have a crush on you

From the day we met, from your first words
I have struggled against my heart
No longer can I deny what I feel
Now I want to make my dreams become real

I have watched you from afar
Gazing upon thee with loving eye
I wish to have thee in my arms to hold
To keep you warm from the cold

Heaven on Earth...An impossible dream
But a wish I do share
Give me your heart...give me the key
I promise to make it warm, safe and happy

**I might periodically post some stuff from my book.**

***Amended to add: If you go through my blog, the first 4 blog posts are poems as well.***


Kash said...

Awww that was the cutest poem! Love it!You should definitely share more.

Ms. Minx said...

Everybody saw awwwwww...lol!!
That's a sweet poem, Tunez!

I used to write poems too, back in the day, but ever since I graduated college I kinda stopped.

The EyeSPyZ !!! said...

*finger snaps*

Ms. Sylaneous said...

Aww! Did u write this one back in 2003-2004? While wearing this blue and grey polo shirt and and blue hat?!? Lol