Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Summer of Tunde

For the past couple of days the temperature has been in the mid 60's to low 70's. I'm loving this weather right now. Its a drastic change from last week when the temps were in the 40's and it rained the whole damn week. I'm really ready for summer to get here. One, my heating bill will be back to a reasonable price and also I just love the spring/summer season (despite my new found allergies since I've moved to TN).

This summer I want do to a lot of different things hopefully since it will be my last summer in Nashville. I want to go to Essence festival in New Orleans, a cruise to somewhere, home (DC), L.A. and someone's beach. Like George Costanza said, "I'm proclaiming this the summer of Tunde!"

Watch the temperatures do some dumb shit and drop back to the 40's next week. o_O


Streetz said...

Good Luck son! I'm looking for this to be a lucrative summer too!

miss-b. said...

spring, i love.
summer (birth season), i adore.

i was jus talking to my homegirl about how i'm dying to pull out dresses and sandals. i've been watching the 7-day forecast heavy. here, in nyc, the weather has been beautiful (high 50's/low 60's) this week but - as usual - tomorrow it'll be dropping back to the 40's.. =/

i want to go to the Essence Festival too! that's something else i planned for this year.. =)

Tunde said...

Hey if you end up going to Essence maybe I'll see you there. Well maybe you'll see me because I have no idea what you look like. lol.

miss-b. said...

I don't know what you look like either, mister. but, um... is that your way of hinting at wanting to see? lol.

Tunde said...

I mean it would be nice to put a face behind the text and not some pumps and leggings. lol.

miss-b. said...

email me.