Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bad Weaves

*This post is not meant to offend anyone*

I don't like bad hair weaves. Matter of fact I'd rather a woman not wear a weave and rock whatever she has (if she looks good then she's gonna look good regardless). But by no means do I share the opinions of dude in the video below. I don't have a problem with weaves when they are done right. Actually I think its cool that black women can switch it up sometimes. On the flip side if I see you in the streets then I shouldn't be able to tell that you have a weave. I shouldn't be able to see track lines. Your weave should be comparable to your actual hair color/texture.

So this is my PSA for the day. Women (white women you are not excluded, i.e-Britney Spears) if you are going to get a weave, please don't cut corners or try to be cost effective and end up getting a bad weave. Its just not a good look.