Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness

I hope everyone has filled out their brackets by now. The NCAA tournament kicks off tomorrow. Even Obama has filled out his bracket. Shout out to ESPN for Barack-Etology.

We have 3 of the same 4 to make it to the Final Four. I just don't have faith in UNC with a hurt Ty Lawson. My Final Four teams are Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh and Oklahoma. I have Memphis beating Pittsburgh for the championship.

I am upset that a couple of stars teams didn't make it into the tournament. I really wanted to see what Stephen Curry (Davidson) and Patrick Mills (Saint Mary's) would have done against the power houses. Instead I get to see mediocre teams like Arizona and Michigan. I guess I will have to see them play each other in the next round of the NIT.
I hope you guys get some work done tomorrow because I know I won't. lol.