Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Jealous Me

My friend Azza put me on "Don't Jealous Me" video blog. I don't know the nationality of this guy but he sounds Nigerian with a slight British accent (ETA-He is Yoruba). I find his videos hilarious. His choice of words and mannerisms remind me of some of my cousins and uncles. I think he is like up to part 10. Check out this video blog on beatings. I can so relate to this post. lol.

Check out Part Letter 10 (Ladies). That one is hilarious as well.


Bombchell said...

lol omg he's such an idiot. lol love it, couldnt finish gotta start my day. omg sadly i could see one of my friends doing this

Anonymous said...

lmao yeah, DJM is a fool. Sheeeeht!