Thursday, May 20, 2010

Revolutions Per Minute

"If skills sold, truth be told, I'd lyrically be Talib Kweli..." ~Jay-Z Moment of Clarity

I told y'all after I posted that Gucci Mane blog post that I would have to redeem myself and do a post on some real music. Well for the past 3 days I've been listening to Reflection Eternal's Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) album non stop. I've always been the type of hip hop fan who listens to lyrics above all else. All that other stuff in my opinion is just filler. This is why I really believe true lyricism is dying off but that's another blog post. Talib Kweli has been a consistent, under rated force in the hip hop game. If you don't respect his skills on the mic then you really don't know music.

I first got interested in the RPM project after hearing the track Just Begun which features J. Cole, Mos Def and Jay Electronica. Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of J. Cole so I was immediately interested. The song did not disappoint. A track featured two heavyweight lyricists and two up and coming artists with no hook. Just straight spitting. I love this track.

After hearing that track I was interested in what the rest of the album might bring. The album presents dope thoughtful lyrics laced upon mellow beats. It covers a broad, diverse range of topics. One track speaks on the evils of the oil trade and how it is destroying the world (my favorite track) to how the hip hop game is dead to a track uplifting women (instead of degrading them). Overall I give the album an A and so far I think it's the best rap/hip-hop album of year. In my opinion, this year so far has only brought disappointment as far as hip hop is concerned. I honestly think this album will be better than
Kanye West: Good Ass Job, T.I.: King Uncaged, Eminem: Recovery, and most definitely Drake: Thank Me Later. The only album I hope that this doesn't outshine is Lupe Fiasco: Lasers.

This is my favorite song right here:

And I couldn't leave without letting y'all know some of my favorite lines:

"I build defenses, when I'm left to my devices, time getting suspended more than DMX driver's license, my music is steady not affected by the higher prices, people having sex in the streets like Dionysus." ~ City Playground

"Nigeria is celebrating 50 years of independence, they still feeling the colonial effects of Great Britain's presence." ~Ballad of the Black Gold

"This is a recession, what recession? Dog we been stressing, shit been a mess and we been dealing with this depression since way back. You ain't gotta say that. That's the greatest lesson, slave to our possessions, greed the devil favorite weapon." ~In This World

"Now they on my dick, I should throw a condom on cuz a nigga coming raw like I ain't got one on." (J. Cole) ~Just Begun


Reecie said...

I love J Cole's verse on Just Begun. I have been listening to RPM but not really intently. I gotta get on it...preciate the quotables. looking forward to all those upcoming cd's except Em's (not really a fan). I do see TI's being the biggest disappointment tho. he's so hit or miss. Paper Trail was good so I think this one is gonna be bad, lol--kinda like King then TI vs TIP.

Streetz said...

LMAO at most definiely better than Drake. You mad doggie?

I gotta cop this and Distant Relatives... now THAT album GOES!

Tunde said...

@Reecie: i also see t.i. being a flop

@Streetz: yes i'm mad. everyone wants to crown dude the best in the game. dude doesn't have a studio album to his credit. what part of the game is that? if he drops his album and it's a classic 5 mic album i'll say i was wrong. until then he will be the 2010 version of drag-on to me. *shrug*

Streetz said...


Drag-on?! Come on fam u reachin and got 2 fouls on you..

He is like LeBron. I don't think that ppl are crowining him the best, he just has that 50/big/nas buzz. He still has to deliver feel me?

Tunde said...

@streetz: am i reaching? drag-on was big time in 1998. he was featured on a bunch of tracks and killed. remember down bottom with juvenile:

everyone was like dude is gonna be nice when he drops. he's one of the best in the game. then he dropped his album and he dropped off the face of the earth.

DJ Martian Man Hunter said...

Tunde I couldn't agree with you more, Drake will flop most certanily, and T.I. will do marginally well, but won't do anything mind blowing. The music game has been lacking lyrical content for awhile, and the vacuum caused by this allows anyone with a little bit of wit and charisma to make a big splash but have little longevity in this business.

since84 said...

thanks for the review.
my introduction to j.cole was via "just begun"...and after he and j.electronica spit, i didn't remember who mos and talib were until a week later. I shall purchase/download asap.

since84 said...

thanks for the review.
my introduction to j.cole was via "just begun"...and after he and j.electronica spit, i didn't remember who mos and talib were until a week later. I shall purchase/download asap.