Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This mixtape is slept on.

We all have our guilty pleasures. Something that you like and you quite can't put your finger on. It might be bananas and peanut butter sandwiches or Glee (#shots). Seeing as I think I listen to great music and quality artists a lot of people can't understand why I'm a fan of Gucci Mane. I'm always declaring my dislike for artists such as Plies and Ace Hood. Super ignorant lyrics and rappers bother me but for some reason I see Gucci Mane as a comedian who tells jokes to beats. I honestly believe Plies knows better and he just plays on the ignorance of his listeners in order to sell records. He probably doesn't believe most of what he raps about. La Fluer on the other hand cannot fake the type of ignorance he personifies.

Gucci was released from his latest stint today after serving six months for violating his probation. The Atlanta rapper scheduled a press conference early this morning to announce plans for a nationwide tour this July to promote his forthcoming album "The Appeal." In honor of this holiday I've been listening to my Gucci/10-17/So Icey playlist since about 11:30 this morning. Hopefully dude can stay out of jail at least long enough to finish out his tour.

Gresham Road. Bouldercrest. Candler Rd. Zone 6. lol

Oh yeah this post was so facetious and I hope you saw the humor it in. To bring balance to the universe I think I'll do a Common or Reflection Eternal post next week.

With that I leave you with some of my favorite tracks Gucci (with key Gucci quotable) is featured on:

Bricks- "95 Air Max cuz I'm a dope runner, ballin like an athlete but got no jumper. It's Bricks!"

Heavy- "yeah I got amigos but they don't bring me tacos, they only bring me kilos but keep that on the d-low."

Beat it Up- "Money never limited, So Icey with benefits my driveway need a passport, all my cars are immigrant."

Superhero- "I cut more girls than Wolverine, I put 6's on my batmobile, Spiderman diamond chain, red, blue same color my rims."

Lemonade- "Canary yellow lemon watch, big bird yellow top, yellow polo, polo, slippers white and yellow polo socks."

Kush Is My Cologne- "I'm inhaling, exhaling it, it makes me more intelligent, I feel like I'm still mailing it, I'm selling it, they smelling it."

Stupid- "Heavy on the licorice, this industry ridiculous, got juice magnificent, I'm not very articulate. "

Do you like ignorant music every now and then or maybe everyday? Am I poisoning my mind by listening to these lyrics? Who is your favorite ignorant rapper?


Streetz said...


You already know Im hyped to see Gucci anytime anyplace.

Dude is smart dont sleep but I trulyfeel like he thinks hes kickin Nas/Jay type lyrics, and thats the beauty of Gucci Mane lmaoo

Love it!

Alexius said...

I agree with the Plies comment. That clown is more articulate than most in real life. All a ploy. Gucci is nuts though. The MAJORITY of the Gucci stuff I've heard has been at your crib, so now it all makes sense. BUURRRRR! Lol

Kish said...

Honestly, degrading songs about women is my guilty pleasure. I don't know what it is about Tip Drill, P poppin on a handstand, You's a hoe, I ain't got no panties on are just to name a few. Maybe its the beats or how bad they talk about women that attract me, but I love them. lol
No judgement my friend....I occasionally like to yell out "BURR" and "GUCCI" to spice up a lovely evening with the boo. :)

Kurt Watson said...

I'm saying though...can I get the Writings on the Wall mixtape? lol

Tunde said...

@Kurt: I thought you had it. I got you though.

Tunde said...

@Streetz: dude really does think too. he takes mad shots at jigga.

@Alex:plies has a nursing degree from the Univ. of South Flordia. How much of a goon can he be? Smh

@Kish: as far as lyrics that degrade women, I've heard a lot of women say that that's the reason they actually like Plies. *shrug*

Kyzwana said...

Ok about to try this again! *clears throat* I totally agree with you! I have no idea why I love his music like I do or why he is my boo but he is! :) For whatever reason his lyrics do not annoy me like the other riff raff who call themselves rappers by fluffing mediocre lyrics with nice beats or a catchy hook. Whatever the reason I am unashamed to say that I am a HUGE fan! LONG LIVE RODRICK! .... BURRRR

JStar said...

Oh sooo true...Although I will sing and dance because of the beat of things....I am more into lyrics...The content they are feeding todays youth...The words that my daughters repeat...The ones I have to explain...I am feelin you here!

Ms. Sylaneous said...

Imma a music lover. Not a music master... I like what makes me sing along and wanna dance... Most of those are from the musical stylings of Plies, soulja boy, Roscoe dash. Another guilty music pleasure are what I like to call "hood bedroom grooves". Examples plies/Trina I gotta problem, trick daddy/Trina/jahiem gotta song I like but don't know the name. And of the foolish-est of the foolish (sigh) I will download me some pretty ricky... Lol. There I said it! Lol.

Sunkissed404 said...

@ Kish...Lmao. Luv it! I kinda see where you're coming from. I used to stay listening to some UGK "Bend ova let me see it" and Kilo(I was raised in Decatur from Decatur, what can I say?)lol Gucci is startng to grow on me tho'. It took me a minute to get into his lyrics, but they spin his songs so much, I really started to appreciate his style. "Gucci!"

Crystal Light said...

I have to of my favorite SECRET songs is 'Me So Horny" by Two Live Crew.

"It's true you were a virgin until you met me. I was the first to make
you hot and wetty wetty"

LOL ;-)