Monday, July 6, 2009

[recap]-Essence Festival

It's Monday afternoon and I'm back in Nashville. I'm still recovering from this past weekend. I didn't pull up to my house till after 2:30am and I was up by 8am. It was well worth it though. If I didn't get anything from this past weekend that I didn't get from before its New Orleans natives know how to party and drink.

We arrived in N.O. Thursday night, got our first (of many) daiquiris then changed for this party (that we never made it to). We ended up on Bourbon St. for about a hour before we got bored and went to party at Harrahs Casino. Harrahs went down but I had a feeling that my weekend was going to get better. We didn't make it to bed till after 6am.

Big Ass Bugs in New Orleans

Friday (after 4 hours of sleep) we wandered about aimlessly (after getting more daiquiris). We stopped so many places that I can't remember it all. Friday night we went to First Fridays. It was so many people. We had tickets but ended up going in through the side door because we didn't want to wait in line. So we sold some of the tickets that we didn't use. This First Friday's put every other First Fridays I've ever been to to shame. Such a nice collection of beautiful people. I ran into LaLa and I was thinking she is beautiful and she looks like LaLa. Only to find out it was. lol Her and Solange were hosting the party on the top floor. I also ran into some good friends that I hadn't seen in a minute. Its funny when you see random people you haven't seen in a while across the country. Friday night (well Saturday morning) I didn't get to bed till after 7am.

The Scene of Most of the Crimes

Saturday (after 4 hours of sleep again) we were back at it. Hit multiple cookouts, played spades, reminisced about Steve McNair and drank lots of good alcohol. I might have had 10 giant sized ribs, 3 burgers, 4-5 drumsticks of bbq chicken, authentic red beans and rice, baked beans, potato salad. I was stuffed. lol. Everyone's house we went to had a functional bar with a large variety of liquor. I loved it. After eating our fill we went and shot pool then hit up Harrahs again. We didn't walk into there till afer 2:30 and it was a stupid line to get in. It was crazy and people were drunk out their minds. Here is an example:

Drunken Girls

After Harrahs I had a "Dude Where's My Car?" moment. I lost the damn car and couldn't remember where I parked. I was so blown and so hot. Eventually (30 minutes later) I found it and we all headed to get some breakfast. Then we headed to bed. By the time we got to bed the sun was all the out (8:45am) and I knew there was no way we would be heading back to Nashville anytime soon. Needless to say we didn't hit the road till 7:30pm. Lol. I'll be doing it all again next year.

For now I need to detoxify my body and get ready for round 2 this weekend. DMV here I come. I hope y'all are ready!


Jillian said...

Round 2? lol...

pic of a bug...the street...and some drunk girls......where are the good pictures? lol

In any case sounded like you had a beyond GREAT time!..welcome back!

Happy Monday T! :)


Sigh....I won't hate, I won't hate. I'll just rub it in when I'm in Vegas & the DR (and maybe Miami)

LOL @ the fact you took pictures of the drunk girls...

Tunde said...

Jillian- in my drunkenness, i didn't take that many pics. i guess you were right. lol

DC- lol. please don't do that. i want to go to DR. i think it's going to have to be jamaica (maybe). what's going on this weekend in dc? yeah i had to take a pic. that was her 2nd time falling. the first time she was face down laid out for about 30 seconds. security ended up putting them out. lol


Awe Tunde, you know DC...on & poppin. (I wonder if anyone has a drunk picture of me)

You have your typical spots: The Park, now Ozio's again, Shawdow room, blah, blah.... then youhave some always cool spots, Posh either Friday or Saturday, Modern on Saturday, Jin, (Station 9 for the younuns') Adams Morgan for foolery....the list goes on...

I'm sure your girl Eyespyz will have a run-down as well!

I'll try not to rub the DR in (that much) I've been to Jamaica 4 times now, maybe I should visit another Island, LOL

Tunde said...

see besides the park i haven't been to any of those spots. i need to come home more. lol.

yeah i do need to hit up eyespyz. my brother used to be a promoter so he usually know what spots be poppin.

i've never been to ANY island so it's going to be an adventure for me.

Jillian said...

eh I say RUB IT IN!

*taking notes of DC spots*

hmmmm....I'm going to the Bahamas in September!

*i feel better now*

Milan Angel said...

LOL @ the drunken girls

Hey favorite, I tagged ya. Check the blog for details...

Tunde said...

Jillian- just wrong. you're supposed to be on my side.

Milan- hey favorite. i'm bout to do one now.

Ms.Minx said...

I'm beefin' ALL y'all going to the bahamas or wherever, lol!

Tunde, I just know all the likka-drenched cells in your body will appreciate the billion gallons of cranberry juice you're gonna be drinking, lol!

Glad u had a great time!