Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Internet Loving

I follow Ludacris on Twitter. He has an album coming out later this summer with Shawnna called "Battle of the Sexes". For the past couple of months, Ludacris has been posing a Battle of the Sexes Question of the Day. Today's question is:
#BOTS: Who has had a sexual experience w/some1 off Twitter/FB that u ONLY knew from the sites? What was the experience? (RT)

At first I was thinking who in their right mind would do that in this day and age? It's too many crazy/weird people out in the world to be meeting people randomly off the internet. Then I got to thinking thats the way sites like & stay in business. Then I thought with the way STDs are running rampant these days, surely these people aren't hooking up with people they met on the devil's playground internet. These are some of the responses I read:

RT @MellyMelsz: @ludajuice i HAVE too much respect for myself to just met someone off line.

RT @bigbaby1974: @ludajuice it was actually good sex but the nigga was just alot different than someone I would normally hook up with

RT @MzfuSHion: @ludajuice No Computer love for me!!! Viruses run through that shit too!!!! lol

RT @snowbae: @ludajuice well it wasnt twitter or fb, but it was urbanchat; and it was sex, i couldnt help myself

RT @GdaMonsta: @ludajuice got some Amazing head action from a Facebook freak, she added me on accident and I took advantage

RT @rholland26: @ludajuice I haven't met neone worth spreading my legs for from any site.

RT @therealestlove: @ludajuice never off twitter or fb but myspace. and it was a disappointment men lets just say talk is cheap

The responses I read varied but then it got me thinking about people that I know. I have one friend that has flown in at least 5 different women he met on facebook (that I know of) in town to spend the weekend with him. One occasion didn't end so well. The cops were called and she ended up staying at the homeless shelter till her flight came because she didn't have money for a hotel. All bad.

I don't think I could ever meet a women strictly off of a website and meet her with the intentions of just having sex with her. People lie on the internet all the time. Embellish things. Put up fake pictures. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like to meet women in person and know what I'm getting (as far as physically) up front. It doesn't mean they are not crazy or they don't have something wrong with them, but you can pick up on things when meeting someone in person vs. meeting them on the internet.

Would you hook up with someone you met off of the internet?


Jillian said... ex that i was with for 4yrs...we met online

but if you are asking strictly meet online and meet for the first time and have relations...i have..definitely not one of my wiser decisions (yes i was safe). It wasn't bad, but i definitely didn't keep in touch after.

to each their own and well..the computer becomes more and more integrated in everyday socializing. have i and will i do it again? HA no!

Anonymous said...

old school? STDs? give me a break!

Your chances of catching anything from someone you meet online are no higher than catching something after having a one night stand with someone you met the night before or from someone you've known.

Secondly, I have several friends and family members who have been happily married for a while now with their partners that they either met on a dating site or **drumb roll** and/or black planet (lol).

You can meet crazies face to face who pretend to be something they are not and not know until years down the road. But I believe whole heartedly that you can meet normal decent people online as well. Those type use the computer too you know. lol.

I think sometimes the internet is easier for some people to open up and get to know each other before spending time with each other. The whole face to face and aproaching people tends to not work too well for shy people. I have been in situations where people feel more comfortable opening up to me on the internet initally instead of face to face (weird? yes! but whatever...what floats their boat).

In saying that...NO I have never met anyone nor had sex with anyone I met on the internet, but I am not opposed to either. I dont think you should be so closed minded about the idea of meeting and getting to know someone via the internet, to me it's all the same. If you met someone on the internet and realize they are missing a few teeth, some hair, and 3 fingers, just stop dealing wth them (if thats what turns u off). And I think sex should be dealt with in the same manner as one would if they were getting to know someone "in person."

NightFall914 said... based meetings strictly planned for sex? No. But it has happened on sum 1st attraction tip on a couple occasions.

I think they set em

Reecie said...

wow, that comment above was longer than your blog post. lmao.

I don't see the problem with meeting and dating folks online. but having online jump offs is kinda too much for me. as far as ol girl staying in a homeless shelter...uhhh wtf? somebody's mama didn't teach them to NEVER travel anywhere without enough money on you to fend for yourself. shoot even going out to dinner or a movie I have enough to cover my meal, and a possible ride home if some shit pops off. But to fly somewhere? hells no. have a credit card for emergencies or something.

Tunde said...

jillian: i like hearing stories of solid relationships starting like that. thanks for being honest. most people aren't.

ellana: i think you misunderstood my point. there is nothing wrong with meeting someone on the internet. but my point was meeting someone with the sole purpose of having sex with them. for example: (yes that is a real site)

i know the chances of catching a std is the same as a normal one night stand but imo, it just seems weird. would i be opposed to meeting someone on the net, no. i am opposed to looking for sex on the net though.

Tunde said...

reecie: yeah when i found out about this i was pretty upset with my friend. we don't really hang out like that anymore. ole' girl was tripping for flying out here broke to see a virtual stranger.

Anonymous said...

woops my bad...hehe

Nana said...

Yeah. I did. But my friend knew him, so before I met him, I had someone know with who I was, and I asked her a million and one questions about him. It was a one night stand, at then end. It wasn't worth anything, the guy was really ghetto...

Tonight, I hung out with a guy I met off he was cool and we've been keeping contact for about 2 months. We went to a Sufi resto and enjoyed the Jazz fest, it was cool. I didn't sleep with him, but he told me about an encounter that I thought was hilarious.
He met a girl off the same site, and they had a good time. They wemt for drinks, she invited him over to her place. Next thing you know, they have sex BUT 1- the girl's house is so tiny, its making him claustrophobic and 2- the girl starts doing coke and 3- when he refuses to do it with her, she tries to put it in his mouth. CRAZY. lol.

as for STD's being rampant... I had two friends who caught Chlamidya, from their bfs. They were in 'monogamous' relationships (at least, on their end) for years, when one day, they get sick.

When I had that internet one night stand, WE would have NEVER though of having sex without protection. We were both consenting adults, we've discussed what goes/ doesnt go before hand. Why did I do it? I stumbled on his profile, thought he was mad sexy. He had 17 tattoos, I love tats. And, I didn't have sex in a awhile. Next thing you know, we're chatting, txting, talking on the phone. And there you go.

As well, many couples form through the internet... You'd be surprised how many people find their significant other online. Not because they are ugly or desperate, but because in our era, we rarely have time to meet people outside of work/school... so, the internet becomes a playground.

I don't feel like who you have sex with or how many partners, means you don't respect yourself. If you are doing it because you seek sexual pleasure, and NOT validation, if you protect yourself and the other person, then DO YOU.