Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Last night I had a really weird dream. I was getting dressed in the morning getting ready for school. As I leave my front door I lock my front door and I turn around and there is a moose standing in my front yard. In a panic I dropped my keys. I mean imagine this standing in your front yard staring directly at you:

The moose started chasing me around my front yard and somehow I managed to get up on my roof. The kicker is the moose started talking to me. He said he wasn't going to hurt me and it was safe to come down. I really don't remember anymore after that but I would imagine that I didn't listen to a talking moose.


My trusty dream book says this about moose:

Moose- Can represent runaway emotions that can trample over you.


Moose- To see a moose in your dream, represents long life and longevity. It may refer to the elders around you. Alternatively, a moose may also indicate that you can be both powerful and gentle.


Kish said...

I just want to say that I have crazy dreams all the time too. And I love your trusty dream book. I think its hilarious that he started chasing you AND THEN decided to tell you it was ok that he wouldn't hurt you. Soooo, the question is...which definition do you think applies to you??

Tunde said...

thanks kish for responding on the blog. lol.

to answer your question i'm going to go with the latter. since my emotions are almost always in check. that's the only possible choice. ;-)


I am at my desk ROTFLMA.... you crack me up... uhhh, yea, ok... your emotions are always in check Tunde??? That's why you're having crazy dreams... it's ok to cry... let it all out. I won't tell, LOL

Tunde said...

lol. i have crazy dreams because i eat right before i go bed. i had buffalo wings last night, hence the buffalo dream (my jessica simpson moment). lol

Ms.Minx said...

That is wild! I worry about you and these crazy dreams, Tunde.

Can you try not eating so late for a coupla weeks to see what kinda dreams you have then? That would be a good experiment, lol!

Anonymous said...

According to my alternative interpretations of dreams . . . you have been watching too many late night Bullwinkle cartoon reruns . . . or perhaps you have an unconcious fear of Canadians.

Tunde said...

ms minx: yeah that would be a nice experiment but hard nonetheless. i tend to eat a lot late at night.

anon: bullwinkle though. rotflmao. i haven't seen that cartoon in so long.

Jillian said...

people get chased by vampires even..but get chased by a moose..........


maybe it IS the first say you always have them in check but maybe not...maybe that's what the moose was trying to tell you!

Anonymous said...

I came across this thread while doing a search for moose dream. Last night I dreamt i was being chased by something big through some wooded hills. I was able to find and get inside a mountain chalet. Once I was in there, I saw what had been chasing me. It was a moose, only it was on the roof dangling down trying to get in the window. It kept stretching lower down from the roof attempting to get inside, As we were not on the ground floor, I got worried that it was going to fall, so I opened the window and, while petting its fur, said "Good moose."

That's it, but I thought I'd chime in since both of our dreams included mooses and roofs.