Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My weekend

If you are cool with me or if you follow me on twitter (click the link to follow me) then you know this past weekend I went home to visit. The past couple of weekends I have visited Atlanta (Greek Picnic) and New Orleans (Essence). Both cities are great but nothing feels better than to come home and be with family and friends. I went home with my friends/classmates Kurt and Ashley.

I got home late on Thursday night because it took us a little longer to get there than we expected (giving Ashley the side eye). So our plans to hit Shadow Room on Thursday night were scratched.

Starting Friday off right with some breakfast

Friday was spent running around and spending time with my youngest brother and mother. Kurt, my brother Tai and I went to happy hour at the Park. Their happy hour was really cool. We also met up with my homegirls Madie and Rissa and my boys Dave and Travis.

Happy Hour at the Park

We left there and hit up Layla Lounge for their open bar from 10-11. When we got there (~10:15) the club hadn't even opened yet. o_O It was literally the people I came with and 4 other chicks. When the club opened they tried to charge us $20. Now I had no problem paying that but we were like dude we know who is in there. Its them (those chicks) and us. Dude literally told us "Its DC on a Friday night and its 10:30". My brother got me and him in for free and $40 for everyone else (because he has the juice lol). Of course once inside we hit the bar. The bartender really tried to convince me that Balinoff vodka was top shelf o_O. We had our share of drinks before we left to party at K street Lounge. We had fun while we were there. Partied hard. Got a chance to meet the other co-author of Eyespyz Blog. I'll spare you the details of the foolishness the ensued at McDonalds on Georgia Ave (before the night got started) and the McDonalds on Pennsylvania Ave (after the night wound down). Lets just say it included me trying to order a double whopper with cheese in the drive thru and me messing with Wanda because I couldn't get a courtesy water (alcohol is a helluva drug).

Saturday I spent the day recovering from a slight hangover. When I finally did get up I went to my neo's (Todd) mother's 60th birthday cookout. It was a really nice cookout. Lots of food and drinks. The best thing was the baked beans. I'm still thinking about them. lol. Saturday night we ended up going to Republic. It was alright but it looks a lot different from what I can remember. The lights were too dark. I really don't like when I can't see in a club. Makes it feel like a college party. I'll pass on that. I just really ended up chilling on the bottom floor by the bar most of the night.

Chillin by the bar at the Republic

Sunday (after I got the whip back from the impound lot. long story) I chilled out most of the day and me, Tai, Kurt and Rob (friend from Meharry) went to have lunch at Sequoia. It was my first time there. I thought the atmosphere was really nice but the food kind of left something to be desired.

The view from my seat at Sequoia

We ended up leaving there and partying at Stir Lounge. It wasn't that packed but I still had fun (sans the strippers putting a show in the middle of the dance floor and dudes making it rain lol).

All in all I had a great time while I was home but the stay was entirely too short. I need another trip home. lol. I really can't wait till I move back home. You know they say home is where the heart is. Thanks to all my friends to came out and spent time with the kid. Special shout out to my brother, Tai, for letting Kurt and I crash AND getting us into all those spots with no cover and no wait.


Tai Slumz said...

Son we honestly be havin mad fun real talk...remember u came home for new years?? that was mad fun too. But yeah shit was mad chill this past wknd tho. I still havent gotten u a copy of my new music either. Imma try and make my way out that side too so i can see what it do in the Nash!!! Yuuup!!!


Ummmm, impound...damn, ya'll go hard...too bad this was my bi-week (as in no games, lol)

anywho glad you had fun!

Jillian said...

very true...nothing like being home!...i enjoy going back home when i can...

impound lot...pre and post mickey d's....LOL..too funny...

and yay for pictures! ha!

Tunde said...

yep jillian. going home again this weekend for my chapter cookout. this time i'm actually going to bring my camera. i'll have tons of pics.

Jillian said...

niiice...got any cute single friends? LOL

aaahh i wish i could just go home on the fly like that...especially for the food...mmm cookout..

Tunde said...

trust me i don't really go home that often. i wish though. anyway i'll be sure to take lots of pics this weekend. just point out the ones you find intriguing. lol.