Monday, January 4, 2010

Night at the Roxbury

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a very social person. I like hanging around my friends and keeping good company. So naturally I'm inclined to go out often. When I go out to clubs I tend to hang out with the people that I know, people watch, have a few drinks and even dance a little. Lately I haven't been motivated to actually go to nightclubs. Maybe its the fact that I live in Nashville and the nightlife scene is the pits. These are the reasons why clubs have lost a lot of their luster, at least in my mind:

452% markup on liquor

I'm really over paying $10-$17 for a cup of watered down liquor or $400-$1000 for a bottle/bottle service for a bottle that costs $30-$40. The only other business that rapes their customers as such are credit card companies.

Standing in line

Why are bouncers always douchebags?

I can be quite the impatient person. What really grinds my gears is when I know a club is holding the line on purpose. This holds especially true whenever the temperatures are lower than 50 degrees. Why should I have to stand in line to come in your club to pay YOU money?


This just looks uncomfortable.

Although I like to be around people I don't like to feel too crowded. Some people have no concept of personal space and it makes me feel claustrophobic. Feeling like a sardine in a can is not a good look. Plus when its that crowded you tend to notice that some people tend not to be so fresh. I have a keen sense of smell which brings me to my next point:


I'd be lying if I said I don't smoke I've never smoked but its something about second hand smoke that really bothers me. Jacks Cigarettes smell horrible to me and the scent stays in your clothes. I hear women complain all the time about how the smell stays in their hair. Glad I don't have that problem. Thank goodness for cities that ban smoking in public places.

A lot of times I don't experience a lot of these things every time I go out. Maybe 2 or 3 at once but at some point and time I experience them all in some form or fashion. Maybe I should investigate alternative forms of entertainment. House gatherings, lounges, strip clubs.


Milan said...

Yup! You posted every single reason why I hate clubs and will only go to one if its a special occassion/I'm in a new city for a vacation or its someone's birthday. I don't just do clubbing just because. Add thirsty, disrespectful negroes to that list and it would be complete for me. :)

N.I.A. naturally... said...

This is exactly why I don't do the club scene anymore. I have 1 or 2 spots I like to go to for drinks and convo with my friends, but that's it. But, now that NC has instituted a smoking ban in bars and restaurants (excluding cigar bars & private clubs), I may start to go out more often. I doubt it, though. lol.

Ms. Sylaneous said...

YES IN DEED. I used to tell India when we used to go out in Nashville, 'I think I'm getting over my club phase... I hardly dance as much and I have more fun babysitting my $8.00 Long Island Ice Tea and watching folks'. We usually just went out 'to have something to do'... 90% of the parties we went to were filled with the same folks we saw on campus everyday! LOL I did like the fact that most of the places we did go to up there were smoke free!

I've been to a club TWICE since I've been in New Orleans... once back in Nov and to the same spot for New years. Had a rather decent time both times, but eeehhhh... ya know...

I keep saying I don't know if I'm ready to NOT go out anymore, but certainly would prefer a chill spot, lounge place or something... music, older crowd, laid back chill spot is what I'd like. The MAJOR prob with that for me is #1- don't really care to run the streets of NOLA alone #2- don't even know where to start to find a spot like that here... (sigh) so until then- it's me and Cox cable!!

Reina said...

I have to agree with every bit of this. Give me a lounge with a great band or a salsa club and ever so often, throw in a reggae/reggaeton club. Otherwise, catch me at the movies.


Hmmmmm. I think you are just getting old. When you're 21 it doesn't bother you, cause you are excited to club. When you're 29, pushing 30, it's "been there, done, that"....

#30club in 1.25hrs

Ms. Lotus said...

Well done Tunde.When people ask me why I hate clubs, I will forward them to this post. I was thinking about DC Diva's comment. I realized that I'm only 22 and already hate clubbing, and I'm just getting started. I prefer lounges..As a Teacher, I find myself talking to the people in clubs just like I talk to my students.. "This is my personal space, that is your personal space"; "Hands are for touching, not pulling or grabbing. Why should we not touch our "friends" XX and/or XXX". Straight-up, crowds annoy the hell outta me. I am quickly irritated and flustered when there is limited amount of space. Paying $15 a glass for wine annoys me, especially when I can invest in a fabulous bottle..smh..smh!!

Tunde said...

milan: i think that might be the only occasions i go out while i'm still in nashville. smh. i left off disrespectful dudes and thirsty broads on purpose. lol

n.i.a.: gotta love that smoking ban. i wish i could open a club where only my friends are invited. that would be the life. lol

sylaneous: you better find you a hotboy down there. lol drop it like it's hot or something.

reina: the first club i ever went to was this reggae club called crossroads back in maryland. i might have been 22. i loved every bit of it. dancehall is great. too bad there's nothing like that here.

dc diva: let me be the first (or maybe not) to wish you a happy birthday. dirty thirty. :-)

lotus: i didn't know you were that young. people have no concept of personal space. it's just not guys either, women have these issues as well.

Ms. LiLi said...

You hit the nail on the head! This blog is the very reason why clubbing is an occasional thing for me. I got a small fracture on my foot from a drunk bish stomping on it. I don't see the point in paying for expensive drinks I can make for 10x cheaper at home and there's no room for dancing!

What ever happened to the "House Party" era? SMH

Tunde said...

Ms. LiLi:

i promise i'm bringing house parties back in '10. eff this club ish. esp now that temperatures are in the single digits.

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful for our strict anti-smoking laws up here. Hahaha @ some people are not so fresh! So true! I haven't been to a club in ages. I'm not big on drinking but I love getting my dance on so a club is sometimes a nice change of scenery.....dancing in my living room by myself gets old quick. :)