Tuesday, January 26, 2010


***On Saturday night I had one dream and one nightmare. Usually I don't know exactly where these weird dreams come from but I think at least this time I have a reason. I rented Gamer and Halloween II from Redbox© Saturday night. After watching Gamer I fell asleep watching Halloween. It was playing while I was sleep. I believe it had a lot to do with nightmare. ***

So I was in church at Mt. Zion (Old Hickory location) listening to Bishop Walker give the sermon for the day. When I go I usually sit in the center near where the camera man is, so in my dream that's where I was sitting. I heard commotion in the back and I looked back I saw the bruhs locking the doors so no one would be able to escape. Don't ask me how I know they were the bruhs but I just knew. Maybe they had on purple and gold shirts. Anyway, all of them had axes, knives, machetes, etc. They went to mascaraing nearly the entire congregation. For some reason they didn't touch Bishop Walker or me. Maybe they knew we were bruhs too but it was strange. I tried to save as many people as I could but there was so much blood. It was a very strange dream.


Dream- To dream that you are in a church, suggests that you are seeking for some spiritual enlightenment and guidance. You are looking to be uplifted in some way. Perhaps you have made some mistakes in the past which have set you back on your path toward your goals. With proper support, you will get on the right track again. Alternatively, it may also mean that you are questioning and debating your life path and where it is leading. You are reevaluating what you want to do.

Ax- To see an ax in your dream, indicates that you are overly controlling. It is symbolic of destruction, hostility, and the frustrations that you are experiencing. Perhaps you "have an ax to grind" with someone. Or the dream can be a metaphor that you are ready to "bury the ax" and make amends.

Murder- To dream that you witness a murder, indicates deep-seated anger towards somebody. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or eliminate.


The EyeSPyZ !!! said...

Very Strange! You have been talking about the bruhs alot lately. Maybe that's why they were in the dream. I rarely have dreams. When I do, I barely can recall what happened the next day. Hmmmmm..lol

Tunde said...

yeah i have been. they get on my nerves often though. lol. if you sleep more than 5 hours you probably dream. you just don't remember them. i need to keep a pen and pad beside my bed because i wake up and remember my dreams then go back to sleep. i'll forget when i wake up again in the morning. lol

Ms. Sylaneous said...

So, let me get this right: u are anfru with the world...and seeking deeper spirituality to grind the axe with the brigs?!? Lol. U are wwaayyy too much!! Lol