Monday, August 23, 2010

If I Ruled the World

As I'm sitting in lab waiting for the western blot to finish incubating I thought I'd write a blog post. Then I had a brain fart. I scrolled through my blackberry to find my list of blog topics. I decided I didn't want to write about any of my ideas yet. They are too personal and the timing of the posts would lack couth. Instead I set my iTunes to shuffle and the first song that came on was from one of my favorite rappers: Nasir din Olu Dara Jones aka Nasty Nas aka Nas. The song in particular is 'If I Ruled The World'. This song is just as powerful and inspirational as it was in 1996. Lauryn Hill lays down her voice for the hook that makes the song that much more great. By the way when is Lauryn Hill going to come out with another album? I'm thinking summer of 2011.

Listening to this song go me to thinking. How would things be if I ruled the world? Let's see.

1. There would be no homeless people and poverty would cease to exist. This summer I've seen an exponential increase in homeless people. They stand on the side of the road selling those homeless newspapers and I just feel for them. Last Friday as I was driving home from the YMCA at about 7am I saw a homeless man with dirty locks standing on the corner wearing a silk bathrobe staring directly into the rising sun. I thought to myself what hardships and circumstances allowed him to get to the point where he was. If you think being poor and homeless sucks in America think how bad it must be in third world countries. Yep this would be the first thing I changed if I ruled the world.

2. There would be no cancer, AIDS or disease period. I'm in school for biomedical research and I know how cancer in particular effects lives, particularly people who look like me. I couldn't imagine my own body turning on me and killing me. Cancer doesn't discriminate. From children (leukemia and retinoblastoma) to young adults (breast and testicular cancer) to older people (prostate and colon cancer). Sure if the world were free from disease there would over crowding because people would live longer but I think that would be a problem I would deal with when I got to that bridge.

3. I'd do away with politics. Pol(i)y is used as prefix meaning more than one or many. Ticks are ectoparasites (external parasites) that live by hematophagy on the blood of mammals. Put the two together and you have politics. Many blood disgusting creatures feeding on the life force of other creatures. I seriously can't stand politicians. It's all about hypocrisy (another thing I don't like) and lies.

4. No more war. I support our troops and all but I don't like war. In middle and high school I was a history buff and I could never understand the point of it. The Hundred Years War. Really a war that spanned a hundred years? o_0 Imagine the death toll in that conflict. War of 1812. Britain really wanted to test our gangsta after we mopped them up in the Independence War (with France's help of course). What year was that war fought in again? Vietnam was probably responsible for more heroin users than any other single event. This Iraq debacle? WMD's my ass. Has anyone seen the movie The Green Zone with Matt Damon?

Those are a few things I would change for the good of all if I ruled the world. Now what would I change for my own personal gains or selfish ambitions.

5. OJ da Juiceman, Plies, Rocko and Ace Hood wouldn't be able to make anymore music. I know I listen to Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti tough but this isn't about them nor does this have to make any sense. I don't like those rappers and my ears bleed every time I hear their songs.

6. I'd be able to marry two women at the same time and they'd both be cool with wanting to please me (and each other). The two women: Gabrielle Union and Keri Hilson.

7. The Wire, Lost, Heroes, Seinfeld, What About Brian and Martin would have never gone off the air. I'm a tv junkie. I love good programing. It seems these days all you see is reality tv. How hard is it to make reality tv? VH1 can have 9 shows running concurrently. I miss the days of good writing on shows. I need to set my DVR to record Boardwalk Empire. September 19th. HBO.

8. Jesus sandals, capris, black lipstick, weaves (especially quick weaves) and unkempt eyebrows on women would be outlawed. Why? because I don't like any of these things.

***on the flip side***

9. Women would get tax breaks for rocking heels, pencil skirts, summer dresses, glasses and having tattoos. I love all these things on women (who I deem attractive) so a reward for making the world a better place you get tax credits.

I think that about sums up how the world would change if I were it's ruler. Now I need to work on making this dream a reality. What about you? What would change if you ruled the world?

How many of you heard the remake of "If I Ruled the World '09" featuring Marsha Ambrosious?


JStar said...

Nice list here...I soo agree with the homeless part...I was homeless in 2007...I had a good govt job and due to an act of nature had two days to move and nowhere else to go...Even with my good job I couldnt get a place with my credit issues...It can happen in the blink of an eye...

I LOVE me some Nas too :)

And whats wrong with Capris man...My legs are too skinny for shorts so I wear cute capris instead lol...

And whats wrong with Martin now...That show is the others, I agree with...

I guess I would get a tax break huh lol

Cryssy said...

now you know i was going to say but Gucci should be allowed to keep up his CRAP!!!

Anonymous said...

I like this post!!!

The homeless issue is real, and I c/s wanting to change that. It's not even "that" bad here. I went to Egypt 2 years ago and couldn't believe the living conditions of the poor, let alone the homeless.

I'd get a tax break if you rule the world...yay,lol!

If I ruled the world...

-after a certain age you'd have to take your road test again. too many seniors out there on the brinks of causing accidents

-there would be a height enhancer for men

-adoption would be so much easier. there are people out there who want to adopt children, but b/c of the cost are often discouraged.

-depending on the nature of your crime, criminals would serve as soliders. my thought process is, while serving time they would be giving back to their country. and if you like to kill and shoot shit up anyways....

-T.I. would be mine

Nadira Rae said...

I totally stumbled on this post randomly from another blog, but I was literally JUST thinking about "What About Brian" earlier today and if anyone remembered it. It was SO good, what happened??? lol Very random, but I had to share :)

Tunde said...

@JStar: Capris are cool on some women but not on the majority. esp overweight women. have them walking around looking like offensive linemen from the waist down.

nothing is wrong with martin. i love all the shows i listed. as far as the tax break, you tell me. lol

@Cryssy: hey don't sleep on gucci. dude is tough on the mic. lol

@LaBakir: when i went to Nigeria in '08 i saw REAL poverty. how many tattoos do you have again?

so i guess you would use that height enhancer on ti huh? #shots lol

@Nadira: i loved that show and then like that it was gone. great story line too.

Ms. Sylaneous said...

Good post Tunde... I ditto most of yours... NOT ALL! LOL
My short list:
-Ridding the world of homelessness
-Ridding the world of disease
-Ridding the world of guys rocking braids after age 17 or 18
-Ridding the world of 'grillz'.
-Ridding the world of un-natural looking/colored weaves (i.e. the 100% super shiny synthetic blue, green, super red weaves).
-increase pay for teachers, deduct from entertainers (athletes included).. Sure, they work hard to get there, but why the teachers gotta starve who taught you how to read and write to sign the big buck contracts?!?!
- make a law that says you can go topless if you want to! (this is for the ladies..LOL I was soooo at home on South Beach! LOL)
-I would ban shades at night/in the club (unless you are blind, then you get a pass)
- I would make it legal to slap the shit outta any man wearing skinny jeans. AND any horribly mis-shapened woman wearing them also.

I think that's it for right now... if I think of more rules for Veronica's world... I'll be back! :-)

K. Rock said...

But I like my capris...

Anonymous said...

I have 4 tattoos.

Anonymous said...
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Gem of the Ocean said...

i meant to comment on this post awhile back. oops...

but as for most of your list--they are all necessary evils. can you imagine if there were no disease or illnesses, we'd be out of jobs! i LOVE research! and while i HATE to see ppl suffer, i love the search for cures, treatment, and prevention. and without the bad, there cant be good. i do wish we could elevated the poverty levels though and bring them to LIVABLE standards (we live in the most powerful country in the world for cryin out loud).

as for whack rappers--id die without my a$s shaking music!! yes they're ignorant and obnoxious, but they set my party mood OFF!! *booty tootin* dont hate!!