Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vagina Is For Lovers

This post may come off a little misogynist but bare with me for just this one post.

This weekend I had a cookout at my house and invited some friends over because I like my friends and I like to grill. A couple of my friends and I were sitting on the front porch. At this point it was just the fellas on the porch. As some attractive ladies walked up the sidewalk and into the house one of my friends (white t-shirt) said, "Women are God's greatest gift to man." Most of the guys on the porch agreed. Not my friend (we'll call him) Brian. He proceeded to say this:

Now I'm not going to say that I agree with his sentiments but I damn sure thought it was funny. Then I began to wonder. If it was really possible to just have a p*ssy how many guys would take that and leave behind the overall woman. I'm not talking about buying a love tunnel off I'm talking about having a bona fide p*ssy for your enjoyment and pleasure whenever you wanted. As a man that I could see how that would be enticing. You don't have go through all the headaches and hassles that sometimes come with dating especially if it's just an means to an end.

Personally even though dating does come with a lot of hassle there are a lot of upsides to a woman besides her lady parts. Even though p*ssy feels good [relative] and even tastes good [relative once again] it really can't keep me warm at night. Well not all of me. It can't hold a conversation with me. It can't rub my back or cook me dinner. I need a whole woman. Not just a part of one.

I mentioned the subject of this post to Reecie and she mentioned that I should include this song in the post. Funny thing I listened to this song like 4 times in a row this past Friday. I love the metaphors used on the track especially J. Cole's verse.

*****Shout out to the bruhs Marquis for editing the video for me.*****


N.I.A. naturally... said...

I don't know if your boy is a misogynist or just drunk of his a$$. smh. lol.

I've given thought to the idea of just being able to have a penis available for my use without the hassle of having to deal with man issues. But then I realized the penis would have to have a mouth and hands, so I might as well just deal with the whole man. lol.

Good post. Relationships can suck at times, but when it's good, its all worth it.

And I love this song.

Cryssy said...

Love this song... good post!

Ms. Minx said...

@ NIA, I'm gonna with a bit of both, lol.

But yeah, for me, the parts will never do what the whole can. I want it all, lol!

Sean said...

Good post Team. I do think in 2010 that if one desires a pussy only no strings attached fuck thing, it can be achieved IF that's what one desires. Now that doesn't include dates, dinner, convo and stuff like that, but there are enough women in the world that don't want a relationship title and they will fuck on demand. (so I've heard ) but you gotta know that gets old after a while and you do want to laugh and love a lil. Love ain't all bad.....

Charlie said...
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Lyness said...

Lol Thisbisnt the first time I've heard such a conversation transpire between men. And like you Tunde most of the men thought it would be a nice idea in theory but not enough to make them not want the "whole woman".

I thought I was gonna be offended when you said this post was gonna be a little mysogynistic and I'm a woman but hell I kinda don't blame y'all for not wanting to deal with all of us all the time lol

Hmm having just a p3nis on deck sounds good in

Great post boo! XOXO

Mel said...

"You don't have go through all the headaches and hassles that sometimes come with dating especially if it's just an means to an end."

-But you don't have to go through all that for pussy. If a pussy, unattached to anything/body else, is what you want, you can get that.

The headaches and hassles come into play if you decide you want a woman, the whole woman, and a relationship with that woman, with her pussy thrown into the deal for good measure.

My pussy's permanently attached to me, unfortunately, so anybody who wants mine has to deal with all of me, but I know many woman who can detach and reattach theirs at will, emotionally. =)

TishB. said...

That's funny cause I was just having the convo with my girl bout if i could just have a penis and thats it! I do agree that ya do need more than just a body part. I like the conversation and the company. How boring what it be just to have sex with yourself every night? I like the whole feeling of how a man makes you feel not just his penis. Well, when I want it lol and when I want to be by myself then I just do myself lmao! Yep I said it!

Tunde said...

@NIA: he was just drunk but i think maybe a little misogynist but really it was all in fun.

@Sean: preach team. that does get old after a while. smh

@Lyness: yep i'm glad that you weren't too offended.

@Mel: guys say that all they want in theory is p*ssy but like sean stated that can easily be attained if guys wanted it. like you said yours is permanently attached to your body. i don't think i would want one that was attached to a woman who could easily remove hers from herself (figuratively).

@Tish: yep you did say it. i think most people feel that way and if they say they don't then they're liars. lol

Sukez said...

Having a lay-around d!ck always sounds good. Just like having lay-around puss sounds good but you always need the whole. If God wanted humans to be perfect, he'd have made us that way. So he knew what kinda issues yall would have with us and made us the way we are.. Pussy & two feet however is hilarious! But the whole is much better. If guys won't be gay, then I think yall should suck it up and deal with us. You really CAN'T talk to a vag.

Shemika S said...

I literally laughed out loud when I watched the video of "Brian". That boy is funny. Great job Tunde. I know body parts alone would never equate to having a mate to share your daily adventures, inner most thoughts, secrets, etc. Body parts definitely don't amount to a whole. Catching up on blogs. This one has me ready to read the others :-)

DCBuppie said...

YO this song is haaawt. oh yea..your comment lol

Tunde said...

@Sukez: yeah the p*ssy and two feet line got me. classic material. for real? you know the same could be said for women. as much as y'all talk about men. :-)

@Shemika: "Brian" is a fool. he's trying to do it all again this weekend. don't know if i can hang though. still tired from last weekend.

@DCBuppie: yep the song is great. i don't know why wale doesn't get the credit he deserves. off one album and like 4 mixtapes he's near the top of the game right now in my opinion.

Streetz said...

I dont know how I missed this..

Tunde I cosign you... and "Da Bruhz Ent.". You dudes is a trip! LMAOOO

TiffNicky said...

I'm late...but I'm here! *cheers*

Interesting post. I'm not at all offended, and knowing the Bruhz were involved only tickles me. Lol.

I wouldn't take the peen without the man. Though they get on my nerves at times, I like men. I like the company, I like to be held, I like to look at their body. So although the peen may be able to make a sista speak in tongues (so I hear...), I need the full package. may not like the tunnel of love thing. But B.O.B.'s stay getting play on rainy I've been told!


V said...

OMG that guy is an ass and he will be single until someone breaks him! SMH I don't own any toys I prefer the real thing. Choose your man or woman wisely and you will be good to go! ... Men lol (so crazy)