Sunday, July 11, 2010


My name is Tunde and I curse. Like a sailor even.

Do I see this as a problem? Not hardly. In fact I only believe there is one real curse word. *shrug* I'm taking it you can guess what that curse what is. No. Well it's "fuck". See told you I like to curse. Where was I? Oh yeah, those other pseudo curse words don't count in my book.

curse (v)- to use profanely insolent language against.

I mean it's not like I curse uncontrollably. I don't curse in professional environments. I don't curse around my mother. I don't think I've ever cursed in front of my mother. I try not to curse around my father. I guess cursing is a part of my vernacular just like any other slang word is to my regional dialect. For instance, being from the DC Metro area, I say the word "young" a lot. Sometimes subconsciously. When I first moved to Nashville I had a couple of people ask me what "young" meant. I just shrugged them off because honestly it's one of those things that if you don't know then you just don't know. I've noticed when I'm talking to my mentor or any of my professors the word "young" would never leave my lips.

About a month or so ago one of my facebook friends had an update about the Lakers winning the championship. Being the ultimate Laker hater that I am, I responded with "Na Son". After some back and forth I simply replied, "f*#@ kobe". Now at the time I really didn't see anything wrong with what I wrote. I mean I thought I censored myself well enough. It wasn't until she replied "I would like to keep my wall G-rated. Thank you.", did I realize that even though I censored myself that the intention was still there. I guess I could have wrote something like "forget kobe" or something similar but I don't think it would have had the same effect.

Perhaps I should think about how my language affects others. Perhaps I shouldn't.

Do you guys curse regularly? Do you get offended when people curse in your presence? C'mon tell me how the fuck you feel. lolol


Tisha said...

Lol. I think you already know that I don't. But the only time I really have a problem with others doing so (after all I believe it to be a personal conviction) is when they seem wholly unable to express themselves absent those types of words--and in an environment where doing so is totally disrespectful and/or out of place.

Ms. Sylaneous said...

LOL #1- you ____ stupid! LOL

#2- I've gotten a WHOLE lot better with my former 'potty mouth'. I think, in undergrad, I did it because of the people I was around..LOL it was just how we communicated. When playing ball, they will fly a lil bit.. mostly the 'little ones' like 'shit' or 'damn'. I don't THINK I say 'f*ck' alot... (do I? LOL).
'D*ck' and 'P*ssy' aren't 'real/legit' cuss words (at least I don't think) BUT they are two that I can't say... (well...wait, I retract the previous sentence.. and restate it as follows: I say them in certain situations if neccessary- usually in the midst of some good ole bedroom acrbatics!LOL)

Now Tunde... sit cho ass down some whur and clean up yo dayum dirty mouth- SHIT! Orbitz...(LOL that was my 'drakeism')

SDot said...

I'll never tell but I may have something short of a foul mouth. BUT I can switch it up in an instant. Depends on the environment. Just like you said, it never leaves these lips around employers, professors, and other professional settings. Around my friends though, I've been tight-lipping it and saying "Forget you" more than "F*#& you!"

I guess I picked it up from kids in the 2nd grade and my older sister, who's sailor-cursing certified. Cursing/Cussing is so ugly. But it's not as bad as cigarettes...

max said...

I have a serious potty mouth. It's a real problem for me. But like you I can control it - I don't swear in front of my parents or my nieces and nephews and I'm fortunate to work in an industry where it's okay to swear at work. And I do. A lot.

Honestly I wish I didn't swear so much. I think it's very unladylike. But just about everything sounds better with an f-bomb thrown in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I curse, but the frequency at which I curse is dependent on my audience (I'm obviously writing this in lab). I actually curse a lot in my head, especially when something goes wrong. The funny thing is, I didn't even start cursing till I got to undergrad. Yup, undergrad. My African parents put the fear of God in me so I'd be too afraid to start cussing lest I accidentally let one slip in front of them. For the longest I didn't even say "crap" in front of them. The fear of God. Now, I cuss regularly. I try not to be one of those people who use cuss words gratuitously, but I know I use "damn" like it's a punctuation mark.

Oh, and if you want to see me construct entire sentences using only cuss words, just watch me play MW2.

lova said...

i love this post...cuz...i love to curse. like you, it's not uncontrollable, but i do have a few, choice, go-to words. i usually reserve such 'enlightenment' for my true homies. yanno...the ones that know me and won't judge me. reason? unfortunately, society will never accept women who curse like they do the men that do. *insert the infamous tunde shrug*

N.I.A. naturally... said...

Hi, I'm N.I.A., and I curse regularly. Actually, I only use one word regularly, and that word is shit. It's my favorite thing to say. I've gotten in the habit of saying "fudge" whenever I really mean "fuck". lol.

When I was younger, I cursed a lot. I stayed in detention because my teacher heard me curse out the boy trying to bully me, or the girl tying to copy off my paper. lol. I'm much beter now.

I don't mind if you curse in my presence if its truly a part of your vernacular. But some people just curse to try to look hard, hip, cool or whatever, and you can tell its forced. I hate that. My homegirl does this, and I have to tell her to stop that cursing b/c you sound like a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

I can my cursing off and on. My cursing isn't an issue to where I can't control it. Besides, I only use about 1 cure word...and that's motherfucker. It goes well in just about any sentence or situation:

*car cuts me off causing me to slam on my brakes* Motherfucker!

*while telling a story* And this motherufucker had the nerve to tell me...

*upon hearing some surprising news* Motherfucker...

Sometimes I'll edit it and say "motherfu"

Dr. J said...

Women have issues with the F word man... You can say, "F this chicken." And they will blow a gasket. Just don't ever say it anywhere directed towards them or a statement they made.

I curse, but I am working on it, as i've found that some people cuss unnecessarily. I hate that the most.

Reecie said...

as you know, I curse a lot. often. I started in the second grade *hangs head* I can use other words, I just choose not to. I can switch it up, but even the folks at my job curse a lot--mostly saying 'shit'. I appreciate a well placed 'fuck' but these folks got me saying 'shit' more often too. I've cursed around my mom, she hates it so I try not to--but I'm grown. it happens. I never curse AT her, or any of my elders, though.

Nick@nite said...

I think i might be in the minority, but i don't curse (actually, i have lately.. and it's bothering me)
yes, i'm the chick that will say "SHITakke mushrooms" or "what the frackenhack"
my favorite is Farvengnugen (can't find the umlaut)..
it's part of who i am.. i'll let my friends curse around me (i'm looking at Max and Shondriette) but most of the time, i only curse when i'm PISSED!! ironically, that's when my accent comes out the thickest, so it's a 2-for-1 combo..
i do admit that sometimes a properly timed curse word can punctuate a story.. so i can't hate on those that use it.. my ear does "twinge" a little bit when i hear them though..

Tunde said...

@Ms. Sylaneous: lol at bedroom acrobatics. i think even the most reserved person will let a couple curse words fly then if they getting it good enough.


"My homegirl does this, and I have to tell her to stop that cursing b/c you sound like a fucking idiot."

see the f bomb there was perfectly placed.

@Dr. J: i have friend that gets on me every time i curse. i just shrug her off. she gets mad when i say "damn". like for real. lol

Tunde said...

@Reecie: yes you have a foul mouth. i love it though. ;-)

@Nick@Nite: i think i would laugh at you in your face if i ever heard you use any of those words. what accent (country) do you have?

SaneN85 said...

Add me to the list of people who have a dirty mouth but are able to control it. I know it's unlady-like, so I'm doing better about not cursing these days. I've never had any issue with others cursing, unless they aren't able to express themselves with anything but curse words, like Tisha said.

Streetz said...

Yup I cosign this. I do curse. There was a point in my life where I was cursing too much though. When someone pointed it out, I reviewed my actions, cosigned, and scaled ti back.

When I'm around my peoples, I speak freely. If I feel so inclined to curse, I do so. Sometimes they come out a bit too instinctively and I have to be cognizant of that. Otherwise, I speak however the fuck I feel! hahahaha!

Fuck this new layout too... jk

K. Rock said...

I try to limit cursing but when I do it, it is only around people I know. I hardly ever do it around strangers or people I just met until I guage them a little. I would hate to come off offensive. And I never curse in a public place (like on the train or in a wiating room). That's just rude.

DCBuppie said...

OO Wee. I cuss so much. I mean unapologetically. It's my mouth and my mind, and i feel like expressing myself I will!

Satya said...

I curse... daily. I curse while talking thought so I don't know how that counts. I don't curse at people or "cuss folks out". I try not to curse before noon or on Sunday.
It really depends on who i'm with. I don't curse in front of my parents or grandparents (occasionally dam will slip). Certain friends bring it out more than others. Ahh f*ck, cursing is good for the soul! laughing my ass off =)

latisha said...

i actually curse a lot! Im sure you have already heard me a time or two. I dont believe it says anything about who I am as a person. They are just words like all the others. Granted I guess I'm not supposed to curse so much because I am a lady and a mother! Whatever that means lol?! My son doesn't repeat after me he knows you are not supp to say those words as a child. I don't do it in a professional setting. I try not to curse as much but I don't do it intentionally. My thing is if you don't like the words I speak you don't have to talk to me!!! Period the end!

Cryssy said...

There is no shame in my game.... I have a serious pottty mouth.... I am working on it cause Cyd is picking up on it....

Anonymous said...

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