Monday, November 23, 2009

Stupid Dope Fresh Lyrics

I think I have a pretty good ear for music. I love listening to hip hop songs that have tight lyrics. Lyrics that actually make you think. I think as far as the rap game is concerned so many people get caught up in the beat of a song and hook that they believe this makes a quality record. The craftsmanship of actually writing a verse that makes the listener think was starting to become a thing of the past.

With the freshman class (Wale, Drake, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, etc) the art of writing dope lyrics is making a comeback. One of my favorite up and coming rappers is J. Cole out of Fayetteville, N.C. At first I slept on son but then I took a hard listen to his latest mixtape, The Warm-Up. Two verses stuck out to me on that mixtape. The first is his verse off of The Badness ft Omen:

Believe in God like the sun up in the sky
Science can tell us how but can't tell us why
I seen a baby cry and seconds later she laughs
The beauty of life, the pain never lasts
The rain always pass, the sun don't always shine
When its gone I'm lonely but when its there I'm fine
I hate the winter time because the nights come quicker
The light make the whites think I'm a nice young n***er
But at night they think twice and walk a little faster
Funny 100 years ago I woulda called this n***er master
How the tables turned but still the fire's burning
I feel the heat, the world is a dryer turning (turning)
I'm looking for some higher learning (learning)
Girl you what I desire, yearning (yearning)
You say I'm easily distracted
I think the problem is that I'm easily attracted
by the dark side,
the temptation got me questioning where my heart lies
I'm trying to separate myself like apartheid
But hey the liquor keep swallowing
I swear I walk with God but the devil keep following

The second verse is off another track that i am really feeling. Its called Losing Your Balance. I love guitar in the background and the song is a song meant to uplift. The entire song is dope but I really feel the first verse:

Ms. High Profile, caught you shopping on Canal
I guess it make sense, it seem as phony as your style
Your hair and your nails just as phony as your smile
Fake eyelashes you drew your eyebrows
Make a brother ask do you pride yourself
Your makeup like a mask trying to hide yourself
It seem on the outside you thinking you the sh*t
But its a soulless inside that you ain't even knew exist
So you so out of touch that the world mistreat you
Rich n***as f*ck you and broke n***as beat you
Hope that this will reach you and you understand
That your value ain't determined by another man
Cuz right you let them brothers get the upper hand
And you just tell 'em go deep like Cunningham
And just let em OD like Len Bias
And that pussy so good he let his friends try it

If you want to download The Warm Up mixtape click here.


Jillian said...

very nice...definitely feeling the guitar...has an india.arie feel to it..

and yes...lyrical content has definitely fallen off...but artists like this remind me why i love hip hop

Ni_Ti said...

I understand what u mean about people getting caught up by the beat or the hook. Some people look at me funny when I tell em I listen to some country(just a little cuz I can't too much of the accent LOL)

I'm really feeling these lyrics. They are the truth. I might have to see what mix tapes I can find this Weekend when i go home.

Streetz said...

J Cole is serious son. Definitely check him out [||] on Wale album. He renegaded whale, lol #noshots to Nigeria!

Tunde said...

yeah he really killed him on that track. "pac said fuck the world and i ain't come yet". nuff said

akweley said...

he sampled the track from portugues singer 'sara tavares''s called 'balancĂȘ'

Anonymous said...

The live guitar at the start of Losing My Balance sounded a bit ropey and was overdubbed at 0:17. I would have prefered the live acoustic, even if the guitarist was making mistakes. The guitar is the best part of the song.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and I must say that I LOVES IT...and out of all post i've read this is the one i had to come it on...these lyrics go hard!