Monday, August 10, 2009


After having a conversation on twitter (which I'm partly addicted to. Click here to follow me), I decided that my next post was going to be about Addictions (No Ryan Leslie).

Addiction is being abnormally tolerant and dependent on something that is physically or physiologically habit forming or an abnormally strong craving. With that said based on the second definition I believe that I am pseudo-addicted to a couple of things (some old and some new).

Lets start with the old:

Basketball/Working out

I love working out and hooping. Anyone close to me knows that I have major hoop dreams. I don't plan on trying to make it to the NBA but basketball is like therapy for me. I get to exercise and forget about all my problems while hooping. I hoop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (at the very least) at 5:30am (no matter what time I go to bed) before I head to school and I run at least 4 miles.


With all that working out, I need something that is bad for me. I hate jacks so that's not an option so alcohol it is. I am a vodka connoisseur. I've stated in my previous posts that my favorite vodka is Stolichnaya. I'm also partial to Kettle One, Ciroc, Absolut and I guess if that's all that's left Grey Goose.

Now on to the new:


Last week I was drafted and signed a two-year contract extension by team Blackberry (no signing bonus). I never really understood why people called their phone a crackberry. I mean I thought it was just a phone. I used to be on my Instinct a lot but I didn't think I was addicted to it. Since I've had it I've fallen in love with it barely put it down. It's my new best friend.


I got my 2nd tattoo this past weekend and I never really thought that tats would be something I would be into like that. I already have 4 brands but I never really felt to need to want to get one (seriously, they just kind of happened). I've had this new tat for 3 days now and I already want another one. I'm not going to go crazy or anything with the tats (read: Lil Wayne) but I think I do want 1 or 2 more.


So readers/followers, what are some things that you are addicted to. Remember the first step is admitting that you have a problem (otherwise known as the Step of Freedom).


corrin said...

2. Reading esp if it has to do with black people(non-fiction only)
3.Tat's mos def(I have 7 and getting another fri)
4. Crown royal, the drink of Royalty
5. doing my hair
6. the sims (I think it's something about playing god that interest me)
7.Music, gotta have the latest
8. AA news and events

T. Renee said...

Great post! My psuedo-addictions include: Facebook (like everyone else in the world), gossip, reality t.v. (who doesn't like the Real Housewives of Atlanta) and of course blogging!

Ms.Minx said...

I'm with Corrin on 1)Reading and 2)The Sims. I also loooove 3)Cheesy ass telenovelas, lol

DC Dating said...

I think you already know about all of my addictions!

dc said...

1. Basketball (playing, coaching, watching)
2. Reading
3. Music
4. Facebook
5. Small electronics/tech (when the money's there)
6. Tattoos (although, i haven't gotten one in 4 yrs...bout to make a move this week though, i think)

The EyeSPyZ !!! said...

1. Potbelly
2. Smoothie King
3. Working out (im a gym rat)
4. Blogs
5. MAC makeup!!!!
6. TWITTER follow me EyeSPyZ

Tunde said...

corrin: that sims game is trash.

renee: see facebook is still cool to me but i find myself on there less and less. and that housewives crap. i just don't get it. lol

minx: see my comment to corrin about smims.

dc: yeah i think we have a couple of the same addictions. lol

eyespyz: we are kindred spirits on working out, smoothie king, blogs and twitter. :-)

olivya23 said...

first timer on your blog. i like it!

1. Twitter - it's becoming a problem.
2. Taco Bell - I can't help it.
3. Music - my iPhone was out of commission this morning and it made my commute feel super long.
4. Raspberry Iced Tea - nuff said!
5. Sports - football season is coming up!

Btw, love your new tattoo!

Tunde said...

well olyvia :-)

yeah twitter is becoming a problem when you first wake up and you grab your phone to see if you have any @ replies. lol. i'll make sure i follow you on there.

i should have put music. i download at least 2-3 albums a week. i had to buy an external hd for my laptop b/c i have so much music.

football is cool but it's just ok compared to basketball.

thanks too (re: tattoo).

Milan Angel said...

I'm definitely now addicted to:

1. Twitter and I was so resistent to it for soooo long.

2. Also, my blackberry (welcome to the Crackberry world, Favorite! ;-)) I really can't see myself effin' with another

3. beauty products (hence the blog). I'm about to take pics of my entire stash for the blog...Lawd help! It's ridic!

4. Perusing drug stores for new and undiscovered beauty products. lol!

5. Tweetdeck at home...back to that Twitter addiction

6. New clothes and shoes...and purses. oh boy!

I'm just going to stop there.

Tunde said...

milan: yeah i think you should just stop now. lol. you were one of those twitter bashers that crossed over. i forgot. lol

veronica said...

In no particular order:

1. french fries
2. MAC makeup (concentrations in eyeshadow)
3. my iPhone
4. orange or peach Fanta
5. sweet tea
6. laughing
7. the IDEA of other tattoos (I want at least one more, but I haven't decided which one and where, so I'm addicted to THREATENING to get a new tat)
8. Pedicures

Bombchell said...

internet, food, tv etc

lol u sound like my cousins, once they started getting tats they havent stopped. lol soon yall will have sleeves

Tunde said...

@bombchell yea no sleeves for me. Gotta keep it professional. Maybe 1/2 sleeves.

Tunde said...

@bombchell yea no sleeves for me. Gotta keep it professional. Maybe 1/2 sleeves.

Jillian said...

see you now understand the power of the crackberry...WHICH *ahem*...blackberry it up!

- TV...fall TV will be the death of my social life..not like there is much with work and all but still..

- Shoes...they just know how to get me I tell you

- Tattoos....AGREE so addictive..I currently have 5...the last 3 I got were all within 2 months of each other..but i haven't gotten any since then but i'm fiending for SURE! next one is going to be big

that's all i can really think of...i guess one would also say i'm addicted to work...LOL


Jillian said...

OOOH and BTW...

what you mean no Ryan Leslie?

that song..that beat is just..just...I LOVE IT......ringback tone! ha!

Tunde said...

no shots at ryan leslie. his cd is the truth. lol

Anonymous said...

Luv the tatoo!!! Representing Naija, very nice.