Monday, May 4, 2009


Last night I had a dream that I was at some conference at some hotel. I was there with one of my close female friends Patricia and my mentor Dr. S. We were getting ready to leave the hotel and we were up on some like on the 20th floor or something (i remember looking out the window beside the elevator). So as we all get on the elevator Patricia pushes the button for the 9th floor for what ever reason. At this point the elevator starts to free fall and my life flashes before my eyes. Just as the elevator was about to crash to the ground my cell phone rang and I woke up. It was like 5:40 in the morning. As I cursed facebook mobile and went back to sleep I drifted right back into same dream. Patricia, Dr. S and I were walking out the lobby. These homeless guys were out in front of the hotel and they started harassing us. I ended up in a fight with said bums and then I woke up and it day time outside.


Falling Elevator-Going down in an elevator is a common metaphor for entering into deeper levels of subconscious awareness. Elevators that fall reflect feelings of being out of control.

Homeless Guys-May not be the negative it appears to be. It may pertain to a journeyer, one who continually progresses along a life path.


Streetz said...

Yo you have the most bugged out dreams! I had a string of like 5 days where I kept getting killed and regenerating like Wolverine, lol

Tunde said...

yeah but imagine if i remembered half the dreams i had. lol.

hmmm. dying and coming back to life? lets see what the trusty book says.


rejuvenation- will either symbolize a current state of renewal or it will indicate a need for same, depending on the associated aspects.

recuperation- illustrates a span of time that an individual should devote to regaining mental or emotional strength following a draining event or phase.

Ms.Minx said...

I don't know if it's a Nigerian old wives' tale, but I was always told that if a person has a dream where they're falling, they HAVE to wake up before they hit the floor/bottom or they die (in real life)...spooky!

They never mentioned anything about fighting with bums though :oP

Tunde said...

ms minx: my parents used to tell me that all the time. lol. its like in my dream it felt real but i knew it was a dream. i was trying to wake up but i couldn't until my phone rang.


Thought you might like hop blog & mixes

Tunde said...

thanks dc. i'll be sure to check it out.