Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Art of Kissing

Wikipedia defines it as the act of pressing one's lips against the body of another. Sounds like such a simple definition to such a complicated act. It can mean so many things. A greeting, a good-bye or a term of endearment. There's just something about a kiss and not the type of kiss that you give to your mother. I'm speaking on the sensuality, electricity and lasciviousness that you feel the second your lips make contact with that person.

I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday. I was what you would call a late bloomer. It didn't happen until my senior year of high school and it was everything that I could have hoped for. Since that day I've been infatuated with kissing. I personally think its a lost art form. I have friends who have told me that they think kissing is disgusting (not gonna call you out though). I don't understand the logic behind having sex with a person but not kissing them. I guess it's not for me to understand since I'm not having sex with them.

If I could describe the perfect kiss it would start the second before our lips actually touch. From the anticipation of what is about to occur to the nervousness that happens because my mind is racing. When our lips actually make contact the softer her lips the better. Since I have fuller lips, it don't really matter if her lips are thin or not. I'll spare you the details on the rest.

How do you feel about kissing? Do you consider yourself a good kisser? Does the physical makeup of your partner's mouth contribute to the experience of the kiss? How do you feel about crusty lips while kissing. That last question was out of left field, but it was something I just thought of.

Click here to see different types of kissing.


Knix23 said...

I'm with you Tunde, I love to kiss, I feel as if you learn a lot about a person by kissing them. Some kisses are passionate which tells me the sex might be pretty good. :) If you definitely feel something when kissing, then it's like you hit the jackpot. I could almost do it for hours. And I've never understood people who can have sex without kissing, to me, that's the jumpoff! I feel like he's keeping something from me by not kissing me. I don't do crust on lips....LOL. At least lick them before we engage in kissing...eww. Just don't slob all over my least know what you're doing. Good stuff homie. :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE KISSING!! My first kiss was in the 6th grade and though it was a peck on the lips, i thought i was big stuff. The next kiss (8th grade was much better). I think kissing is like a form of foreplay to me,but it's something you can do whenever and wherever (I also love PDA sue me,lol). Kissing is so intimate to me that i'm actually blushing talking about it!I just love to kiss,lol (maybe I should stop that,lol) Good post PC! ! !

Shemika S. said...

Aw...I Love Kissing...I never understood how people have sex without kissing. My feelings would be crushed. Anyway my first kiss was a peck in 6th grade during a game of spin the's the kicker-We were at school lol...But yea I'm a sucker for soft kisses and affection..makes me warm inside...I have kissed for extended periods of time...there's more ways to express love and become one than sex...

Great post My Dear...KISSES lol

Streetz said...

U gettin Emo nicca?!


Cosign this post. A great kiss can go a long way!

Miss Davis said...

i am not a big kiss person. i actually don't really like it and nah it is not cause i give bad kisses i just don't like it! I had my first kiss on the side of the school i think i was 10.

i disagree that kissing tells you what the sex might be like..

but that is just me - keep your spit to yourself

Tunde said...

@Knix23: jumpoff or not. if we having sex, guess what? we kissing. *shrug*

@Ashley: please explain to your friend because she is lost but she can be found. lol

@Shemika: spin the scissors? i thought it was spin the bottle. lol yeah i remember when kissing was the furthest that things would go. you would be kissing for what seemed like hours. lol

@Streetz: I don't buy into that don't be emo crap y'all write about. thanks my dude.

Tunde said...

@Miss Davis: so you would exchange other fluids but not saliva? to each their own but it seems a little backwards to me. *shrug*

N.I.A. naturally... said...

I'm a big fan of kissing. The first time I kissed a boy was on the bus when I was in Kindergarden. He was my "boyfriend" so I kissed him on the cheek. lol. My first real kiss didn't happen until 11th grade. It was after school, before a basketball game, and he wanted to wish me good luck. It was so sweet...

I love to kiss, which is why I keep lip balm in ample supply. There are times when all I want to do is kiss & cuddle, whether it leads to more, or not.

Anonymous said...

Well... I have to be honest. I was one of those ppl that really didn't like to kiss. I found it to be a little gross [but I think in part b/c ppl weren't very good @ it and partly b/c of the visualization of what he does with his mouth @ other times:-)] A few years ago tho... I "spent some time" with a friend and he was so into our moment that he just kissed me soooooo intensely. I was just so surprised by it ALL that I kissed back. It made the sex GREAT. The kissing is so much a part of our foreplay that sex is almost not needed afterward (well...not really but... it has the same effect :)) Anyway, kudos to him... and hopefully we'll be kissing again SOON!!!! xoxo

Miss Davis said...

i still get the spit just not in my mouth! that is gross to me in my old age! i used to love kissing and being kissed - now only person who gets an unforced kiss on the lips from me is my daughter...

but you know i am a strange bird.

Ms. Minx said...

I really, really enjoy kissing, when done properly.
In fact, when I "feel the urge", lol, a lot of times I'd rather have a good, nice, long kiss than anything least, at first *blush*
If a guy doesn't kiss well, its a problem.

One of my exes was terrible. It was so sad, and I tried to teach him, but he just sucked. Literally. LOL.

First kiss was when I was 15, and it was pretty nice. I think I was a natural, lol.I have full lips, and a lot of guys have told me that's the first thing they notice about me...o_O

@ Miss Davis, you really ARE a strange bird, lol!!

Good post, Tunez! Now u got me wanting to kiss somebody, lol...

Tunde said...

@Anonymous: yeah thats the type of stuff i'm talking about. See Miss Davis you can come back around. lol

@Miss Davis: yes you are a strange bird. i still love you though. ;-)

@Ms Minx: lol @ trying to teach him. i think my self-esteem would be crushed if my girl was like "here let me show you how to kiss me" lol. and why are you side-eying? that should be taken as a compliment. i think that's one of the first things i noticed about you as well. :-)

Blessed Tresses (Blessedwmnofgod) said...

I stumbled upon your blog from another and "The Art of Kissing" caught my eye. First, let me say I love your blog. As for the kissing~I agree with everything you've said. There's something about kissing...What can I say~I love kissing!!!

Tunde said...

@Blessed: thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy my blog. :-)

Miss Sia said...

Kissing is the best! Especially when both persons know how to execute the kiss. From the beginning stages to a lip nibble at the end. Its pure bliss (cue Faith Hill- This Kiss)

Not a fan of mono, but kisses are A-OK in my book.

And we know <@Streetz> is a hater. smh. (Throwing people under the bus since 1999)

Ms. Sylaneous said...

Kissing is the best-est! Contrary to what I may act like... Imma sucka for PDA... not that ole sloppy kind though... you know, the peck here and there ya know. (sigh) aaahhh yeah the good ole kisses...

My first kiss... I was in the 6th grade. It was SOOO very odd! LOL we worked on it though and he stayed around for a YEARS!

Kissy-face is fun times for me!

MsღLotus said...

Finally a new post Tunde :)

I love to kiss great kissers. I've been told that I'm a great kisser since my first kiss, and have met bad kissers, therefore, I tend to hold out on sharing my lusciousness with only those that are worthy. I don't want to sound cocky, but kissing is serious business. I stopped "really" kissing about 4.5 years ago. I was dating a guy my senior year of high school and refused to kiss him. His friends held me down one day, and he planted one of me. Since then, I have told fellas straightup, I don't kiss.

Sex is sex. I can sex a man just to get mine, or I can sex a man until he loses his mind. A kiss is not just a kiss. The way that I kiss you represents how I feel about you, therefore, I will only kiss you if I'm really feeling you. If we're just casually dating, then you don't need my saliva in your mouth. I don't need your mouth on my mouth, but I do need your mouth/lips elsewhere.

Great Post Tunde..

str8lovanochasa said...

i, too, am a fan of the kiss. a result, i'm very particular about WHO i kiss. and, HOW. only the *most* treasured individuals will ever see the inside of my mouth. #sorry.

i also think it is a dying phenomenon. unfortunately. if more men knew the power of a DEEP, THOROUGH kiss i'm sure they'd bring it back. what do i mean? glad you asked. good, deep, prolonged kissing has been known to bring a woman or two to...her pleasure point. yah. #truestory

as far as doing "the grownup" w/o kissing? it's possible. not desirable, but possible. and, i think it goes w/o saying that good oral hygiene is a must (breath, teeth, gums, etc.)

great topic! love that you provided the types of kisses! how awesome is that? btw, the earlobe thingy is awful and needs to be banished from any man's repertoire. LOL!

keep writing!

Meeka said...

Cosign with this post. Kissing is definitely a lost art. A great kiss can go a long way. It adds another level to the sex being had.
@Ashley, i was trying to remember my 1st kiss and i can't. I guess it must have wet and WACK!!!

Reina said...

I ADORE kissing. It's what I miss most when I'm not in a relationship. I don't think I'm eloquent enough to put into words so I shall not attempt.

But I am in complete agreement with you. I also have never understood having sex without kissing.

Ms. Cherry said...

Kissing is the BEST! I can't sleep with someone I can't kiss. If you don't kiss you're cheating yourself. A good kiss can make the world go silent... everything else disappears for a few seconds (that usually feel more like minutes) and you can really just vibe with that other person. For me kissing is like lighting the flame, turning over the engine... it's the ignition. This flush builds up in your chest, rushes up and then pours over your shoulders and trickles all the way down... there.

I think I'm a pretty good kisser. I have very full lips and have been told they're very kissable.

I like to kiss from head to toe (okay, make that ankle lol). I'm known for starting at the lips and working my way down. Kissing makes for great foreplay, during play, and after play. What's not to like?

Shubby Doo said...


'Soul meets soul on lovers' lips. ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

that's my kinda kiss

Skye Blue said...

SMH at the people who have sex and don't kiss. My friends who are into that tell me that kissing is too intimate an act to share with just anybody - but somehow intercourse isn't???

Anyway, I for one think a great kiss is a beautiful thing.

YoungBelizeanLady said...

I L-O-V-E kissing. My first kiss was back when I was 15 with my first boyfriend...but I remember the best kiss I've ever had..all I could do is stand back and smile,it still gives me the same smile when I think about it. Yes, kissing, when done right, can be such a beautiful thing!

オテモヤン said...


Ronald Gray said...

you's weird,sandz...alotta sistas brag about their prowess in givin' head,but many of them need to work on their basic kissin skills. You're 100% correct when you say "it's a lost art." I believe because foreplay suffers so much due to people's impatience, they forget the power of the kiss. You'd be shocked how many women talk about men who 2010 CAN'T KISS!! I've gotten my share of sloppy kisses that had ya face wet like a white person kissing their golden retriever! ugghhh...

Anonymous said...

I would say I am a good kisser...sure above know a good kisser when you get will not plaster all over your face and surely not hold back...a good kiss is just right....just enough lips just enough tongue.

Dith said...

LMAO! Funny im not sure how I landed on this blog but I'm glad I did. Yes I love love love kissing and I like to thnk I am a great kisser as well.

An just like u, I can't understand how people hv sex and not kiss the person. Really weird if u ask me. lol

do stop by mi page sometime

Tunde said...

@Dith glad you found my page. bookmark it, subscribe or something. i'll be sure to check you out.

Ciara said...

I thought I was the only one. I was a late bloomer as well. My friends were pushing me to kiss this guy I was checking. After that kissed, I was hooked. I can't believe I waited so long. Infatuation is definitely the word. It is something about kissing someone that just warms me up on the inside. I never really took time to think about the person's lips when I kiss them. Maybe I am too much in the moment... o well... cute blog♥

Tunde said...

@Ciara: glad you like the blog. subscribe to it if you like. stay a while. put your feet up. lol