Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Miami

The Hotel

**I wanted to do this blog post at the beginning of the week but I was being lazy so here it is.**

This summer I had yet to take a real vacation (Essence and DC [2x] didn't count). So seeing as how the last weekend of the unofficial summer just passed I took my black ass down to Miami. I figured that the weekend would be a lot less niggerific than Memorial Day weekend. Based on what I've heard and saw I was pretty much right.

So I got down there Friday afternoon and I was worried because scattered showers were in the forecast all weekend. As I stepped off the plane I noticed it was raining so Friday didn't consist of much besides getting something to eat, walking around and going to sleep early. I know I suck but I was tired and couldn't help it.

Saturday consisted of going to the beach and catching some rays before the rain kicked in. Still had a good time on the beach although I wished I could have stayed out there longer. Before I got down to Miami I wondered if my body was beach ready. One thing that I learned is that no matter how bad you think your beach body may look, there is always someone that looks worse than you. Case in point:

I also ended going to the mall later that evening. They have a pretty nice mall out there although I'm not really a mall person. I did get to catch Inglorious Basterds. If you haven't seen it, please do. Its a typical Tarantino film. Lots of gore, action and humor.

Sunday consisted of more beach time. It didn't rain at all on Sunday and I was happy about that. Went to the strip had an early lunch at Primetime. My food sure was good and it looked good. Man I crushed that steak.

I couldn't leave Miami without making a stop by Wet Willies and getting me a drink. I had a mix of Mango and Margarita. I tried that Call a Cab and it tasted like cough syrup to me. *shrugs shoulders* That was only one of the drinks I had the entire weekend.

Monday I brought my ass back to Tennessee. I sure didn't feel like it.


I know what you're thinking. This is Tunde. He loves to party [party, party, party lets all get wasted]. How come he didn't go out. Well lets get to that. For starters everyone seemed to want to be a baller (I'm pretty much expected that) and the club promoters took full advantage of it.

So Saturday night got to Sobe & the Mansion (basically next door to each other) around 12. Both lines were ridiculously long. The Mansion was charging $40 (not bad) for the general admission but the line was at a standstill. The VIP line was $60 (still not bad) but that line was at a standstill also. Sobe's general admission line was $60 and their slow express line was $80. It was the same deal with their line. It wasn't going anywhere. Waited for about 30 minutes before both clubs got chucked the deuce. Oh and their bottle service was like $360.

Sunday I thought I had the formula. Trey Songz and Jermaine Dupri had a party that was at Liv. Doors opened at 11 so I figured get there at 10:30 and we should be good. Not even. The line wasn't that long but 10:30 quickly turned to 11:15 and we hadn't moved but 5 feet and that's because people ended up leaving the line. I overheard the bouncer talking to this guy near me and he was like you don't have to wait if you get bottle service. The dude asked how much. He said $1000. o_0 I was thinking dude can't be serious. Then shortly I found out that general admission was $100 for men and $60 for women. For a party that just started 15 minutes prior! Yeah right. Walked the four blocks right back to my hotel.


Besides the club fiasco I had a great time. Let the birthday month continue. I'll be home in two weeks for 10 days. If you're home get at me. I got two weddings, my birthday party (at Ibiza I believe) and my high school reunion (at Indulge I think).

Chilling on the beach getting my tan on.



Wooo. Look at you!!!

I can't believe you only had one drink. You went solo???

Ummm, when Brian & I went we just partied on Ocean Drive at the bars. There's a bar a few doors down from Wet Willies that had a great DJ, it was free, and people were dancing.

We tried the club thing too, and it was wack. We actually got into the Mansion ($20.00 each) and ended up leaving.

Also we did a lot of pre-drinking. A bottle was in the room

Ms.Minx said...

And finally he posts!! LOL

Sounds like you still had a good time, despite the lack of clubbing.

Thanks for the gratuitous boob shot, btw :oP

Tunde said...

DC: Of course I didn't go alone. I went with my boo. A couple of my friends were down there too. Oh yeah I guess maybe I should have worded that differently. That was one of many drinks I had. You know I had a bottle of Stoli in the room. lol

Minx: lol. don't do me! yeah i did have a good time. prob won't go back to Miami during a holiday weekend again though.

Bombchell said...

wow def didnt cost me to party during the summer.

Trey & JD 100!! yeah right! u can see them here for free if u go to the club on time, or regular cover prices (shrugs).

looks like u had a ton of fun

Tunde said...

bombchell, which was exactly what i was thinking. why would i pay $100 to see trey songz and jd? o_0

veronica said...

You shoulda some how gotten me and Easter Egg from Wet Willie's, SOMEHOW kept it nice and frozen til you got back to Nashville... THEN kept it nice and frozen until I get there next month! LOL never think about ya friends! GOSH! (glad you had fun... and tanning? ummmm not so super sure that's your 'THING' homie!)

Jillian said...

club scene is definitely different for guys than girls out there lol...

in any case glad you got your relaxation on!!! :)

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