Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday during the day I left lab early to go home and take a nap. I had a vivid dream that I was visiting the Virgin Islands or Key West (some island close to Florida). For whatever reason the island was going to be destroyed and it was my bright idea that help was not going to come and that we (and by we I don't remember who was with me) should swim to Florida. Now in real life this would make no sense, mainly because I can't swim. I just thought the dream was strange. I think I watch too much Lost. lol.

~Swimming- symbolizes a submersion in an individual's spiritual search.

~Island- represents a time to pause during one's spiritual search.

I wonder what God is trying to tell me.


Last night after turning from the debauchery that was Game 1 of the NBA finals, I went to bed kind of early and slept hard. I dreamed that I was home somewhere and I was going on a trip. A couple of friends and I were on a charter bus (the only person I remember is one of my line brothers and one of my prophytes). For some reason we stopped for a bathroom break in some hick town. There were a bunch of white police officers killing innocent black people with the plan to frame other black people and have them take the fall for the crime. I guess somehow I found out about their plan and the rest of my dream was them chasing me and trying to kill me so I wouldn't foil their plans. I swear I watch entirely too much television. lol

~Police- come in dreams as an advisement to self-analyze one's actions and for needed introspection. Police can often be associated with one's higher self (self-policing).

~Bus- pertains to an aspect in one's life that serves to benefit many. May also refer to an overblown situation or even obesity, depending on surrounding dreamscape.


I swear I have the most random and detailed dreams ever.


miss-b. said...

you sure do have the randomest [yes, i'm making up words now] dreams i've ever heard of.

as far as the first dream, i can't call it. pause though... you can't swim!?!

as with the second dream, some dreams [or nightmares] are fear based. i have a lot weird, unrealistic dreams but i also have a lot of realistic ones. yet another black man [this time a cop] has been killed by a police officer. i don't know if that has been on your mind but that's where that could've came from...


Anonymous said...

so do u take the meaning of these dreams to heart and try for soul searching or self-improvement as some of them may suggested? because your dreams are interesting...and YES maybe u do watch too much tv. i have weird dreams when i fall asleep with the news on...hehe

Ann said...

I have to agree--you do have some random dreams. I do too. I started keeping a dream journal. Last night, I had a dream so long and detailed that when I got up to go to the bathroom and came back to bed, the dream picked up where I left was so weird!

Tunde said...

miss-b: yeah i can't swim. terrible. i know. i did read about that cop. terrible. maybe that's what it is.

ellana: i usually don't take my dreams to heart.

ann: i was thinking about keeping a dream journal then i decided that i would just use this blog.

Donnella said...

You should should also look at the fact that you were running in the 2nd dream. Running in dreams represent running from some sort of commitment. How do I know? Everytime Im in a relationship I have that dream...*sign* Im working on it

Retromus-ik said...

You're random dreams rival mine! I think I just might the queen of weird dreams. About the first dream of yours, I've been daydreaming about going to California! I need an escape from my regular life. chill on a beach in blissful solitude. Anywho, im digging your site;)